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Shane Ponting

If your line slowness is to do with the copper running between the adsl modem or router and the DSLAM at the exchange, then this software is unlikely to help.

Reason being is that it cannot touch the lowlevel/wrapper protocols (G.dmt, ATM etc) in use because of the unpredictability of any internal or USB adsl modem driver setup and if it's a router well there's almost no chance of touching that unless there's a message protocol standardisation I'm not familiar with.

So the only way to check that part of the puzzle out is to either log onto your router and find the statistics or error logs section, check out the downstream and upstream speeds it's negotiated which gives you an idea of the health. If that's all good we go higher and there's remedies for that.... Or if it's an internal or USB-only modem it should have a systray driver applet with similar statistics (or at the very least the negotiated upstream downstream speeds, again are indicative of line health).

As a point of interest, what does tell you?


so Ian, you gonna be the next host of Close Up?

2007 cigar new year

More or less not much exciting happening today. I just don't have anything to say. More or less nothing seems worth bothering with.

2 detroit fox mi news

Restrict every household to 60 gallon can on trash a week


Life is short - go for a walk or something ;-)

Sam Finnemore

You know, the funny thing is I just tried to reply to this thread, and it gave me a Captcha image to prove I wasn't an automated spammer... *rolls eyes*

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