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Shane Ponting

It's not just their packet shaping that's the issue. The backhaul (the fat pipes everyone suckles from) is lagging behind with insufficient investment from Telecom (why upgrade them when it doesn't increase profits?).

Go Large would almost certainly have increased the load on these pipes.

I can only hope as an iHug customer that when unbundling occurs they will see fit to run some of their own fibre to the various big city exchanges (including Hamilton!).


Interesting thread guys, but what does it have to do with the meaning of life?



Rumour has it you are an athiest. In which case life has surely has no meaning.

If you want to find out what the life is about is there is a good book I can recommend.


I'm sure Peter ahs already read The God Delusion and The Demon Haunted World. Maybe you should too, andrei.

John Boy

P, it has everything to do with The Meaning Of Life. Telecom get really fat, act rudely and when they cram that last $ into the bulging bank account they go boom and leave a huge mess for someone else to clean up.

I wonder if Cullen has seen that scene?


Fundamentalists need to be careful about upsetting potentially backers that are wealthy. Take care there.

Andrei - you started the subject - it did not seem to fit the forum thats all.

Want to hear about issue I had with my plumber. Also did not get the local newspaper this morning. Buses running late too.


FWIW, Peter, the forum reflects life... it is news, opinion, lifestyle and humour. You can't tell me you haven't had the odd chuckle at something we've written... :)


I'm sure Peter ahs already read The God Delusion and The Demon Haunted World. Maybe you should too, andrei.

I have F, well I have read the God Delusion, not the other.

A question for you.
Do you think people will be reading "the God Delusion" 2000 years from now?

People have been reading the book I had in mind for about that long. Some of its contents are far older.

Which might suggest it has something important to teach us wouldn't you think?

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