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There's been a lot of Indians attacking the SDL and supporting Bainimarama, and frankly, I don't believe a single one of them.

Psycho Milt

Yes. Singh has some gossip he's heard about Green, and thinks he's a bad diplomat because he "dances to the tune of political leaders." Er, what? An NZ diplomat is there to represent the view of the NZ govt (ie the NZ people, in the form of their elected representatives), ie there quite specifically to dance to the tune of his political leaders, not to sell the host govt to his own country.

The thing that really seems to burn Singh up though is that journalists haven't been reporting his opinions. Tough shit matey - start your own newspaper if you want your own views reported.


Thank you Mr Singh for giving us another facet of the situation in Fiji to consider.With several colonial years behind me I know only too well the corruption by tribal elders. Mugabe so vividly shows this.
I believe the Colonel's motives and intentions are right and that we should wait to see the outcome before criticising.


Pscho Milt and Swampy should represent the Left on the radio talkback. Ive spent several hours listening in recent weeks and apart from the odd leftwing host no-one has phoned to support Klark's view. Caller after caller Fijian and NZ Businessmen as well as tourist have been united in supporting Bananarama in his efforts to combat the endemic corruption of the former regime...Liabours endeavour to force Fijian workers into unemployment and poverty is shamefull. They should be offering assisstance to plan for a corruption free, fairly elected government, but they don't because they are corrupt themselves


It's not often that I agree with Micheal Laws, but I do on this one. This coup needs our support. The entire Fijian social and political system is rotten to the core. I mean it's nearly as bad as New Zealand - official corruption, nepotism, croneyism, bribery, blackmail, you name it.

Bananarama did what needed to be done, and all Fiji can thank their lucky stars that they had him to do it. This has been, as far as I can ascertain, a popular coup amongst ordinary Fijians. The bent politicians are gone, and the sky has not fallen.

If only we had someone in NZ with the integrity, honour, and testicular fortitude to do the same thing.


Our media... I still remember seeing sinister reports of the coup where "journalists" went out of their way to emphasise the evil evil military carrying automatic weapons - it made very alarming footage for the news! Until you realised that none of those M16s being carried had any magazines in them. And your average Fijian is one of the most laid back guys... if you're going to have a coup anywhere have it in Fiji.

I'm still waiting for our media to point out what is wrong with another Commonwealth country, Pakistan. Latest news is a Pakistani MP wants Osama Bin Laden to receive a knighthood as Rushdie has. I won't hold my breath...

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