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Eyes Wide Open

This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. (Well one of them anyway). If only they would vet the programme ads (and other ads that don't involve food) that are aired in family viewing time (in NZ) so stringently and determine whether they make for healthy viewing for children that are busy watching a delightful family movie only to be hit in the face by the ad for the next programme, promoting the sex, violence, sex, violence, oh and sex, violence that will be coming up in the next hour, and making no secret of the fact. If they really gave it some thought they might realise (thought? what's that?) that advertisements for food are the least of their worries.


There's more than sex and violence on TV. Avarice, Pride, Death, and Occult Idolatry gets plenty of airtime. There's also the government propagandizing, slanted reportage, and shallow 'analysis'. Oh yeah, the state religion of Humanism is widely & uncritically promoted, with a good dose of Narcissism and Nihilism.

No wonder TV is losing audience to the internet and other media.


There are some bad eggs in the censorship industry. They should have egg all over there face, but it seems the yolk is on us.



Zen, I find your word-plays completely ova the top, and probably poached from another's website. I'm unimpressed by your hatch-et job of the English language and scrambled logic. It's not my blog so om-letting you off this time, but next time I'll tell you to beat it


Andrei....If you are too young to remember Tony Hancock you really have missed something. He was a great funny man both on radio and on the early TV shows.Can't think of anyone around at the moment anywhere near as good.


Phil, I cracked up at your hard boiled response.



Oeuf! I'm laid low by poultry puns. Eggceptional eggspression of the Egglish language. Those Brit bureaucrats' chickens have come home to roost.


Here's a . Something to teach you grandmother.


What! Only a poultry 14 puns???


"... fifty years ago the British egg marketing people started a long running series of TV ads promoting eggs for breakfast ... Todays egg marketing people thought it would be a fun idea to re-run those ads.

But they not allowed to."

It goes to show that you should not count your chickens before they are hatched.

And you can't play chicken with the BACC either. Victories are as scarce as hens' teeth.

These old ads were supposed to be the organisation's nest egg. However I am sure they did not have all of their eggs in one basket.

And it is a feather in their cap that they have generated some publicity for themselves over this cock and bull story. Even approaching these bird brains and dumb clucks is like walking on egg shells.

Now that the pecking order has been established, there is no point in getting the hackles up. Hatch up a new idea that might feather the nest. And don't forget that you have to break eggs to make an omelet.

Sunny side up! Don't get in a stew! The sky is not falling! Don't chicken out!


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Ian, the calibre of your posters is remarkable.

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