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Ian, you might want to fix up your wrapping on this post.


Not surprising.

Knowing someone who works for police intelligence (a non-Nzer). He reckons they're a complete shambles when it comes to computer systems, intel gathering and the likes. The SIS is NO better!


I tried...but whenever I paste from Word to Typepad I have a problem. Solutions anyone?


Doesn't sound like things have improved since Winston Peters complained about illegal immigrants without any response from the SIS does it?

Look forward to the mag!


Ian, I'd just go through and edit the post directly in typepad and take out all the spaces that are causing problems and then put them back in again.

For instance, with the following problem:




Do the following:

1. With cursor behind Australian, press delete button until you get this:



2. Type in a space with spacebar:

Australian Guantanamo


3. With cursor behind Guantanamo press delete until you get:

Australian GuantanamoBay

4. Press spacebar to put back the space:

Australian Guantanamo Bay

5. Rinse and repeat.

The problem is normal hidden carriage return linefeed characters that need to be physically deleted and replaced with spaces.


Found the problem Lucyna...I'd already tried deleting spaces, and even saving the selection as mere text, rather than Word format. However, your reference to hidden linefeed characters sent me looking and I found the HTML was trying to format the country names with some kind of tag, which caused the problem.

Removed the hidden tags (missed one, obviously,) and problem solved. Thanks for the tip.


Ian, you're welcome!


Ian, you might like to take a look at the FREE program called Clippy. It can take text and remove formatting, line breaks, '>' signs from emails and lots of stuff.

I used to use it when inserting text into Swish, a program that created Flash sites etc.

I found that when pasting some text into Swish it would end up as one big huge single line, so I'd run the text through Clippy first, having specified how many characters across I wanted it.

Brilliant program.

I found an old post of mine that shows the procedure to create a new 'clip' (in this case to preserve margin lengths like I mentioned above). It probably won't be what you want to do, but it gives you an idea of how to create one (although Clippy does come with several clippers already)

Here's what you do to create some nice justified text... Start Clippy, and create a new clip (RIGHT click Clippy on taskbar -> Options . Click on 'New' icon to create a new clipper and choose 'Align fill' from the list and click the right arrows button to transfer it to the other frame. Alter the parameters to the width you want your justified text to end up. Give it a name( eg, "Justify"), and hit 'OK'.

Now when you RIGHT click clippy, you can choose your new name from the context menu.

Copy some text from somewhere into the clipboard. RIGHT click Clippy from the taskbar and choose the clip name you just made (eg, 'Justify').

Open notepad, paste and save.

Link to download page

It's only about 200K and doesn't need installing - just runs straight away.


Very interesting comments made above. Thank you very much.

I promise to keep the decode algorithm secret.

Nudge nudge. Wink wink.


ps, the guy on the cover above looks like Paul Holmes' long long Muslim brother ;)


Hm, I understand that it's quite easy to pick up an AK47 if you work in the wharves - so easy you have to turn them down. But that's just what I heard, it might be different now.


AK47's are easy obtained for a couple hundred dollars through connections in the underworld .

It is the best assault rifle in the world and I liken it to the trusty and reliable 7.62mm SLR . The AK rifle is far superior to the Steyr, which is sadly used by our military and is a load of crap pea shooter plagued with jamming problems.

Our enemy has the advantage with his standard AK .


"Hm, I understand that it's quite easy to pick up an AK47 if you work in the wharves - so easy you have to turn them down. But that's just what I heard, it might be different now."

Very true. I can confirm that. Illegal arms shipments have been coming into the ports for donkey years, with full knowledge of Customs and cargo allowed to be off loaded with full Customs approval! The only 'honest custom officer' my father knew in the mid 70s was shaking his head and lamenting that he couldn't stop what was going on in those days re illegal arms shipments!


Got the issue in my hands now. I had to have a little chuckle at the ad on page 3 for OmniPage 16, an OCR scanner. The ad brags about it's accuracy etc, and below is a snippet -

OmniPage makes it easy to re-use existing documents with prefect(sic) formatting.

I'm sure it's very good software, but they need a better proofreader for their ads.


Thank you for the article on the terrorist.

Thank you for clearing up for me that Mr. Panah had been officially sentenced to death 'in absentia' in Iran, that clears up some difficulties I had.

You've got to wonder how the govt was able to verify that the homosexual man was genuine - did they just take his word for it? Yet you have the Anglican Archbishop of NZ vouching for Mr. Panah, along with the minister who has been providing pastoral care for him for several years.

Does this not reveal an ignorance and callousness on our govts behalf? And doesn't it reveal a diliberate bias against one group of people and for another group on the basis of what seems no more than some sort of personal preference as to what kind of people they view as in need of asylum?

A really disturbing article in many ways.


ps, I just tried Clippy here at work. It worked great at removing the formatting on some text just using the built-in clipper.

It's as simple as Copy text, right click 'Clippy' on taskbar, choosing 'Strip HTML, Remove Linebreaks', and pasting.

No more nasty line breaks.

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