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Shane Ponting

This has been known about in the techie world for some time now - since the automatic updates service continues to run irrespective of your actual setting.

According to Microsoft (at the time I first became aware of it) it was a measure they only used under severe urgency (ie patch this hole or trojan apocalypse breaks out across the world).

If you want to be truly in charge of your windows updates you must disable the automatic updates service along with background intelligent transfer service. Then download the MBSA (Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer). This tool scans your computer and *advises* what updates are missing when compared against the online database. You then can individually view the related patch page and choose to download the individual .exe patch files.


Avoid this intrusion use Linux. have a look at PCLinuxOS; it's free, everything most people need comes with it, all on one disk, and runs well even in 5 yr old computers. My wife and children are using the 2006 version in an even older machine. Don't tolerate the constant security hassles, viruses and the stealthy takeover to control what you are allowed to use your computer for.

Shane Ponting

But security hassles, viruses and content control are fun! How boring would it be to have no worries about security, viruses and no cool hacker apps which circumvent Microsoft's latest XYZ drm control system......

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