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Sam Finnemore

Now now, we all know that most TBR commenters are strenuous defenders of personal liberties against oppressive state power. Don't all rush to comment at once.

Sam Finnemore

For some reason, my last comment appears to have been deleted.

In any case, I think this is jolly good news. Who's with me?

Matt L

For the sake of commenting - I find it interesting that those who are saying the other guy (the Iranian) should go because he has been through the full process are the ones saying Ahmed should go - even though he has gone through the full process.

I say well done to him and his family. The are many lessons learnt by everyone in this process.

I see that he gave up all the information he had on the suspected terrorist links. That to me shows his desire to cut ties - and also makes him a genuine refugee in that he is now a marked man.


"However, this weekend's Investigate has a very different of two Islamic radicals who entered NZ based on false information, and who had trained at a terror camp in Pakistan's remote northwestern province that is also used by al Qa'ida."

Is it an offence to attend training?

I was trained years ago in landscape gardening. Never done it since.

Matt L

What are your suggestions on how to deal with such individuals Peter?

By the way - training to plant tulips is one thing, but training on how to commit acts of terror is entirely different.

I'm sure you would agree.

Psycho Milt

"Who's with me?"
I am - but that presumably surprises no regular reader of TBR...

Seriously - if a guy stands to get imprisoned, tortured or killed for the crime of having been an elected MP, I think the case for him being a refugee is pretty much open-and-shut.


A bit simplistic, PM


An Arab can get justice on legal aid but I can't ?

Go figure ?

eye wide open

Once again Peter proves that he has the brains of a fish (and thats an insult to the fish)
This man is either unbelievably stupid or simply makes his idiotic statements for effect.
Unfortunately the facts point to the latter.

Psycho Milt

"A bit simplistic, PM"

As opposed to the deep and thoughtful insight offered by the mouth-frothers over on Kiwiblog, perhaps? I think my take on it's a lot less simplistic than some of the ugliness on display there.


He lied and had false papers.
Send him to Malyasia a muslim country or home to Algeria.

Seal off the borders properly.
send them all home. those who come with false papers.

Increase the UN quota by all means though make sure we responsibly integrate them into our society with retraining.

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