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Wouldn't it be tragic to give away our ACC scheme that prevents litigious scum-sucking-bottom-feeders from filing a frivolous suit for say a hot cup of hot coffee spilt on one's lap through one's own carelessness.

OTOH, does the public get enough insight into the reasons for their fees? For example, what's the ACC Corp's admin component? Should they not publish that?


Well, if they pay people to declare accidents...what do they expect?


"But how do you seriously hurt yourself with a spanner?"

My dear Andrei, nothing is easier - first crawl under the car with ratchet A in hand to remove oil drain plug B. Then gradually apply more and more pressure with hamfist C until both hands (C1 & C2) are required to get drain plug B to budge.

Using legs D & E as strainers against wheel F and apply full might to ratchet A. Ratchet A will then slip off drain plug B and connect with nose G at full force thus producing blood, temporary loss of vision and loud unseemly noises of various kinds. Retire to house H to lick wounds and realise once again that yes, cars are dangerous and this would never have happened with a motorcycle!

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