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Nicky Hager did not need the money and he spared u the hype.

Rebel Heart

defending the indefensible peter... seriously


And yet almost no comment from MSM?

Coincidence? I think not. Hollow Men was being talked about before it was even halted by Brash's injunction. Ahh the lefty-sop MSM. Proof on top of proof of how their "journalistic principles" don't extend as far as they say.


Haven't finished reading my copy yet, but very pleased to have it. It's clear, detailed, balanced. and without malice It's thesis, that those seeking high public office need to have their character visible so voters can make informed decisions can't be faulted. A worthwhile contribution to the NZ political landscape.


Jess and I will be round next week to help pack again Ian!


Ian - have you started work on Volume 2 yet? You've got the EFA, Mike Williams, Baygate, Immigration Service, Auckland Airport...........sheesh, the mind boggles!

Shane Ponting

I tried ordering The Paradise Conspiracy last year or the year before - whitcoulls couldn't get it!

Acid Comments

"Ian - have you started work on Volume 2 yet? You've got the EFA, Mike Williams, Baygate, Immigration Service, Auckland Airport...........sheesh, the mind boggles!"

Yeah and for Volume 3 you can start on the number of well known past and present Politicians, etc with major drug dealing business partners and underworld connections, etc!

Steve Taylor

Brilliant read Ian - well footnoted, and sound referencing to boot. Clark has been weighed; Clark has been measured; and Clark has been found wanting, wanting, wanting.............


This book should be read for the chapter on NZ's sovereignty alone.
I was not aware of the the 1986 Act previously, although I was was aware of the provisions adopting some of the Imperial Statutes, particularly the ancient one of all citizens being equal before the Sovereign. It looks like there is an even bigger elephant in the sitting room than in the Davis household.
What do we do when the cake runs out?

Andrew McIntosh

Hi Shane,

For the Paradise conspiracy see trademe.

Search on ian wishart and you will find most of his other books.


I see it's been warmly reviewed:

Could this be the first published review of Absolute Power?


I'm still reading but want to say well done.
Every home should have one just to remind them why they shouldn't vote Labour.

How about making a 1000 posters A3 size of the cover.
For us all to hold up at parliament as we shout "Helen out, Don't vote Labour"

Do you mind if I make a TShirt of it?


Tane said "Could this be the first published review of Absolute Power?"

It could Tane, but it wasn't. But this one, posted at 8.30pm on Saturday 19 April might well be!


Bloggers are just jokers like us. They do not have to commit commercial space to review - neither do they get mass circulation.

What I want to know is what mainstream media channel is reviewing this book, and what interest is there at our tertiary instituions.

A google search of "News" for Ian Wishart and Absolute is still life at present. Ian - did you try to sell serialisation rights or similar?

7000 copies sold to a bunch of anti-Helen Clark fans is neither here nor there = simply a case of preaching to the converted. You really need to bridge some of the gaps I indicated above to start talking about a real triumph.

I mean this has been the success of people like Richard Dawkins - to get agnostics and atheists interested in examining religion and its dangers, rather than treating it as something out there.

And in the case of "The Hollow Men", to be instrumental in what I think was a leadership overthrow, and causing National to consider its whole direction and philosophy.

Interesting scrap emerging between Rodney Hide and John Key - about National's intentions to intefere in commercial decision making. I am not clear on which of them has the better case - is anyone here familiar with arguments both sides?

Acid Comments

"Interesting scrap emerging between Rodney Hide and John Key - about National's intentions to intefere in commercial decision making. I am not clear on which of them has the better case - is anyone here familiar with arguments both sides?"

If this is to do with the broadband internet issue, then overall JK has made the right decision here.

Alot of our IT Internet structure is an international laughing stock compared to even a number of poorer third world countries.

He we have the gall to call ourselves the 'Knowledge economy'!



Could we have a thread on the scrap between ACT and National on the $1.5 billion taxpayer subsidisation of broadband roll out? This is the big news of today and I will now say why.

Rodney Hide has some very good points - find the interview on

Rodney Hide wants:

(a) Better identification of the original problem.

(b) More detail of proposal

He says National is currently matching Labour dollar for dollar in promises - where are schemes like this to come from if tax cuts are happening too?

Rodney called it Think Big - govt wading in and displacing the investment of the private sector. It will mean that the strong progress in the industry will halt until we find out who gets the free money.

Of course in public/private partnership the question of who shoulders risk comes up. The answer is usually taxpayer.

If 80% of benefit is to come from upgrading for businesses, why promise to install to 75% of homes by 2014? Not clear who will pay for connection and how much?

It would seem that in such a dynamic industry of obsoleting technologies all the time, state might be better to back off.

IRONICALLY - that is what David Cunliffe is saying!

National is moving to the LEFT of Labour in how it is throwing money, without moving to the left in providing true state service.

What a brilliant test case for those who think they are on the political right as opposed to those who are truly there!



I fear you have what psychiatrists call a Super-Ego Lacunae: that is, a hole in your super ego. Gangsters have it, and it allows them to justify their activities, especially murder.

In your particular case, you seem to think your ego is super, but on the hole you forever fall into it.
Seriously, every time you make an idiotic statement, you simply change the subject and avoid further debate.

I await your scintillating riposte...


"Super-Ego Lacunae?" She spells her name Lucyna.

Regarding the direction change - it is always important not only to judge Helen Clark but to look at merits or demerits of the only likely alternative. From Ian we get invective on Helen Clark and patsy interviewing for John Key. He seeks to blow Clark out of the water, he to give John Key leg up. Journalism? Humphhh!

OK back to previous topic, the reviews of the book.

While blogs achieve little of significance, the Poneke blog referred to on the "sue me" thread is a super write-up - eesily of a quality for publishing in mass media.

Early in the piece Poneke refers to this as a hatchet job. More likely an attempted hatchet job. Nobody cares.

five-legged dog

Whatever else you may be Tipsy, you're no shrink. Don't give up your day job.

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