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Danyl Mclauchlan

Embattled deputy Police Commissioner Rob Pope has been linked in a new book to a convicted heroin importer

Police Commissioner again under fire
Herald on Sunday

A new book by Investigate magazine editor Ian Wishart, Absolute Power: The Helen Clark Years, being released tomorrow claims Broad did not co-operate with a checkpoint in Christchurch in 1992.

Police chief's drink-driving in the clear
Sunday Star Times

Sounds like you're really holding Clarks feet to the fire . . .


It's about time somebody did Danyl as the widespread corruption is dangerous for New Zealand citizens.


Evidently you can't read Danyl. Broad has admitted drink driving...and that he and a "more senior officer" persuaded a junior cop that an evidential breath test would not be necessary if he parked the car and walked.

This is much more serious than Doone...


Looks like this book is going to become a sideshow about the police:

Howard Broad, Rob Pope .. talks of suing (which would always be assessed according to depth of pocket I guess)

I thought this damned book was supposed to be about Helen Clark?!

Danyl Mclauchlan

Evidently you can't read Danyl . . .

I think my problem is more with comprehension. In this instance I find it hard to comprehend why allegations of a police officer driving drunk back in 1992 are in a biography of Helen Clark.


Danyl, it's easy to see why these allegations are in abook about clark -

Wishart has nothing on clark so will attempt to taint her by association, but waht was clark's role at the time this occurred?

Wishart writes a good yarn, but as far as fact goes it is on a par with "Expelled the Movie" that has been shot so full of holes, and Ian's other favourite bed time fairytale book, The Bible.

And of course, no one will bother suing Wishart since he has nothing worth suing for.



May I please nominate this posting of CM Burns as "Posting of the Month"?


If I was a corrupt politician seeking to exert influence over an independent body lawfully tasked to investigate crimes that I might not want to be investigated, then I'd probably cast around for a candidate to head that body over whom I could exercise a damocles sword, if I ever needed to.

ian CMBurns can't read either...(seems to be a problem on the Left).

Just as I allege in Absolute Power..Broad admits drinking and driving..but there was no evidential breath test...why?



I can read very well as by now you should be aware.

I read the piece at the top of this thread and presumably the wonderful CM Burns did as well.

But have not read your beloved book that in the tradition of Divinity Code and Eve's Bite seems poised to reach new heights of irrelevance.

Something about 1992 - do we really need to know about that? And if we do, what has it got to do with Helen Clark 2008?

I suppose you have the trifecta in your book - Doone, Broad, Pope? Or are there more?

Junior officers struggling to rein in their seniors - wow, is that unique in life?

I just can't see the payoff in all this.

Then you ask:

"On how many occasions in his career has Broad been pulled over for alleged drink driving?"

If I were the police, my response would be "none of your business nosey parker".

And loyal citizens with true allegiance to their country would support me in this. You aim is to destroy.


peter, I'm a loyal citizen with true allegiance to my country. One of the things I've been very proud of is that we have, in the past, had a genuinely corruption-free police force and justice system.

I have been disturbed to note during the time of Liarbore's administration, multiple discrepancies between willingness to prosecute Liarbore politicians vs actual prosecutions bought against other politicians.

This violates the principle of not only actually being neutral but also being seen to be neutral. Whilst I'm not at the point where I think corruption has become endemic, I have lost confidence in the upper hierarchy. I'm looking forward to the day when all the investigations during this administration are released to the public, so we can make up our own minds about the judgement shown by the Police. I hope that's sooner rather than later, and I hope I'm completely wrong about my suspicions.

Rebel Heart

Hey Ian sorry to be off-topic but I just finished Eve's Bite and I have to say - don't you think the current 'Christian' view on homosexuality (ie. not the traditional view, "because the Bible tells me so", but rather because it's socially destructive... Which isn't clear from the Bible that that is the reason homosexuality is wrong in itself) is kinda like how people used to view niggers - stereotypical (they are all unemployed and dope heads), yet also true? So wouldn't you say if the Church accepted homosexuality and took steps to help them with their promiscuity (eg. endorsing strengthening 'marriage' courses like they do for heterosexuals) they would eventually have stable relationships?


Peter - if Wishart's writings are as "irrelevant" as you suggest, why do you spend every waking hour on his blog trying to refute them?

Acid Comments

"If I were the police, my response would be "none of your business nosey parker".

And loyal citizens with true allegiance to their country would support me in this. You aim is to destroy."


So you don't mind bent cops?

One law for us and another or no law for those individuals who run the system and hold the reigns of power is this country.


It's horrifying that the man who is our top cop has ever used his position to get off a criminal charge.

Further, he's clearly covered up this fact for years.

Is there any doubt that he should be gone? No.

Is there any doubt that Clark is keeping a corrupt cop in his job, after kicking out a cop for what was a much more minor offense?

What part of this does the left not get?

Andrew Davies

If Ian said he was going out to get some milk Peter would be all over him.


bent cops everywhere and CMBurns if not a nice person!!!

Peter Burns

Peter & CMBurns are pathetic cowards.

Can darkness stop the light.No way . Power of the word.

In solidarity

Psycho Milt

Any of you who think this kind of thing was unheard-of in previous decades must have led very sheltered lives. What Broad "got away with" was gotten away with sometimes by ordinary civilians as well. If you looked in reasonably good shape but might have drunk enough to fail a breath test, a cop might just take pity on you and only make you walk home. Happened to a couple of people I knew in the 80s, and is immortalised in the Dudes' song Bliss: "Coppers took the car, offers from the sidewalk."

Danyl's question remains unanswered: what do the antics of cops decades ago have to do with Helen Clark?


Useful links - the Sunday Star Times is on Howard Broad, but all the refutations:

But look at TVNZ now:

And Wishart calling for the resignation of Broad for something like this 16 years ago! We have had years of National Govt since then. What is this to do with Helen Clark?

And here:

So what we have prior to the launch tomorrow is Ian on his anti-police crusade. Is this a promoter's dream - roll up roll up - buy this book on Helen Clark and read about ancient police history!!!

Plus the load of rubbish in Investigate Magazine. It is all this conspiracy stuff about how Helen Clark might be rolled and who the players might be. Even reference to the abortive attempt to roll her years back. It reminds me of the way Social Credit used to campaign - not talking policy, but how they saw votes falling this way and that.

I see absolutely no evidence that there is anyone that would strengthen the case they have now, and we should all be grateful that someone so accomplished is prepared to continue to serve.

Ian - Nobody cares!! Like your references in the article about who is gay or union originated - no one cares. Ditto for National - no one cares if they are farmers, or lawyers, it is there ability to do the job and understand collective responsibility - that is what matters.

Ian - most people realise more quickly than you when the have lost the plot.

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