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A dark and disturbing dystopian vision. The "family" party needs to lighten up to attract votes.


This is a nice piece of theatre.

I see they put up rally driver Paul Adams (deputy) instead of Richard Lewis of Destiny (leader). Smart move.

I see it says:
Authorised by Anne Williamson, 17 Robina Court, East Tamaki -

so it is being treated as part of the advertising spend.

Good on the Family Party for getting on with the campaign.

Giving us reasons to vote for them would be a different story, but at least they are out there as the other parties should be.


Message aside, very slick.


Well put together. But just critiquing the Govt. isn't good enough, what are they actually going to do? They don't say.


That was truly terrible on so many levels.


My point exactly googachoo

"Well put together. But just critiquing the Govt. isn't good enough, what are they actually going to do? They don't say."

In Paul Adams language, who has the steering wheel and who is the co-driver reading the map?

Where you see Richard Lewis it is hard not to think of the great bishop Brian Tamaki.

Oil and Water Paul?

Des O'Connell

The only problem with this is that it only hints at the underbelly of New Zealand politics and the insidious hidden agendas of the people presently in power.
All of us should read the book ABSOLUTE POWER for the truth.


What Peter, you expect to see the solution to NZ's problems in a 2 minute advertisement?

Were you one of the pro EFA crowd then?

Or are you still at "problems, what problems"?

What about that card from Labour and all they could put on it was an American Family and a promise to tax a little less tax over the next 4 years.

Is that all they have? A bribe? Surely they could have put a lot more policy up on that advert? The one they used tax payer funds for.

I share your concern Peter.

John Rawson

A very good advertisement by The Family Party.
Makes me think more about our children and how we need support parties which support our children and families. Current Government is more anti-family and therefore anti- children. I look forward to more from the Family Party.

Ryan Sproull

I like how the third guy looks like he's walking down K' Road to Family bar. Very fitting.

I'm not alone in that problem, though. I have a friend who can't tell the difference between young Christians and young gay guys. "Is that guy Christian or gay?" she asks, like I have gaydar - or perhaps Christiandar, like how ex-symbiote hosts in Stargate can sense the presence of naquadah in the veins of Goa'uld.

(I can sense the presence of other sci-fi nerds, no sweat.)

I wouldn't vote for a party that doesn't know how to use possessive apostrophes.

But it's a pretty good ad. Gambling addiction is a problem in many families - I was probably more concerned about the gambling industry donations to the National Party than the alcohol and tobacco donations combined. I assume that the Family Party would take a strong stance against casinos - and especially pokie machines in bars.

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