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Alan Duff indeed? Would never have guessed!

Sounds silly that she threatened him with pepper spray. If it were necessary she should have gone right ahead.

She should have left the QP till later. Sufficient surely to charge him with speeding and give him a blast of pepper spray if he played silly buggers with her.


I have always been at a loss to understand why the civil rights of a citizen seem to cease when in a motor vehicle.

For exampple, when I am walking the police cannot stop and question me without either a warrant or probable cause, however, when stopped in my car they seem to think they can query my activities and destination.

My home cannot be searched without a warrant, and yet my car may be searched at anytime the police stop me for a traffic offence.

Good on Duff for standing up to this unwarranted intrusion into hsi freedom as a citizen.


"My home cannot be searched without a warrant"
Obviously fugley doesn't understand the police, as unsigned search warrants are plentiful in the Kangaroo Court. Cops can do as they please, because they're accountable to no one!!


Maybe if you lie down and let them screw you, but as Alan Duff has shown, they are accountable.

Maybe Duff has bigger balls than petiepedie


Ian I am offering a reward for the identity of fugley as I have had enough of this filthy dog.


Dad4Justice, if you stop ruining TBR threads, the reward for everyone else is intelligent discussion.


Agree with those sentiments. Keep your hair on D4, and people might start respecting you.


It's good to see the rule of law ruling over the law of commonsense.
Now we wait to see if the police have the authority still to do their duty in respect of the electoral matter before them. It's not rocket science, when the public at large can discern a prima facie breach mr plod should be bright enough too.

Shane Ponting

So let me get this right, if a cop pulls me up I can chuck my business card at him and say "See ya!" then drive off into the sunset?


John Boy

Good on Duff. Sneer while you can Peter. One day they'll come for you and there'll be no one left to stick up for you.


I understand that there is no legal requirement to carry your driving license just to produce it without undue delay. Even if you have the license on you the police could argue that the time it took to produce was undue delay so without definition or precedent produceing your license at the police station is sufficient as the law does not seem to manadate an offence of not having your license on your person. Me thinks the real reason is for identification - possibly as a substitute identity card.

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