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Ian, I am not at all surprised the libaries have such waiting lists.

A friend wanted 3 copies before flying back to Sydney a week ago, and went from shop to shop trying to find one, I believe they had to contact you.

Look forward to seeing who the above writer is,
until Monday. BJ


Anyway Ian, as far as one man not being able to make a difference.....

I told Leighton in Nov 2006, I believed Barack Obama would be the next President of America, and
now as of the last few weeks people are starting to realise this is possible... there is one more thing I could say, but if it happens Leighton can verify, I don't want to put it in print, right now.

One man can make a difference, some older,
old school traditionalists
do not realise there is change on the horizon in MANY areas.


Everytime a reviewer targets me, ask yourself the question: why aren't they tackling the actions of the Prime Minister, as documented in the book?

Because THEY would probably be the same ones who would want them to let
Barabus go !!!!!!!!


Everytime a reviewer targets me, ask yourself the question: why aren't they tackling the actions of the Prime Minister, as documented in the book?

It's very much like the EB debacle: shoot the messenger, ignore the message. This phenomenon has been described as Disconfirmation Bias.


The media here is now occupied by self serving individuals who would never dare to rock the boat too much, you should really not care what they think or write anymore, nothing will change this. They have HPs, mortgages, and student loans as well as the rest of us and dare not risk any of it. It takes a lot to overcome this and dare to stand against the tide, as I'm sure you know.

Cactus Kate

"list at the Auckland region's libraries for Absolute Power in excess of 700".

Why don't those 700 people just go buy the book? Horrible indictment on Aucklanders. Really, libraries are the curse of writers trying to make money.


Ian, I contratulate you for getting the full stops and commas in the right places in the book. You just got a bit muddled with the words in between. Keep trying though, 3 out of 10. 3 for effort. I am not a Labour or Bob Jones supporter.


Sorry spelt congratulate wrong.


Truth Seeker

You are well named.

There has of course been plenty of recent media coverage of Helen Clark and an example is here:

A future Australian Prime Minister here I predict! Giving credit where overdue!


Peter let me clarify my views as an end user and purchaser of the book. The evidence is not as compelling as that in the Paradise Conspiracy. I had expected more disclosures backed with proof but found some of the book a compilation of previously disclosed matters arising from investigate magazine articles and personally found it muddled and the evidence threads hard to follow. I don’t rate it and give it a 3. The right will likely endorse it, and the left will likely rubbish it. I’m not sure what the target reader group is, the right? It reads to me that way. There are many New Zealanders who like myself are non aligned politically and have not been committed supporters of either labour, national or Bob Jones NZ party of the 80”s. I didn’t find much in it that hasn’t been aired before.
Still at least the author has the fortitude to come out and say it all, but in my view not his best effort.


Truthseeker, you miss the point. The book documents numerous incidents and crimes, any one of which would normally be the political death knell for someone overseas.

Heck, if the media had one percent of the kind of material in Absolute Power against George W or Obama, neither of those guys would get anywhere near the White House.

However, the Left and the liberal Right have become so desensitized to criminal and/or unethical behaviour by NZ politicians that they shrug their shoulders.

My post above was taking a crack at the hypocrisy of my critics who ignore the substance of Ab Power, as you have. You glossed over it with a vague wave of the hand and dismissive generalisations.

Yet, and here's the rub, the book is still at number one eight weeks after launch, suggesting a substantive disconnect between the comments of left-wing bloggers, and the views of the public in general.

Absolute Power is so far significantly outstripping Paradise Conspiracy sales at the same point of its release cycle (Paradise sold 35,000 copies all up), which again indicates to me that the public are sufficiently interested in what's inside Absolute Power that they're making their own call, and recommending it to friends and colleagues.

I am not lamenting the lack of media coverage per se: I have already shown on numerous occasions where the media have got it utterly factually wrong (their coverage of the Broad drink driving episode being a perfect example). Instead, I am lamenting that my left-wing critics can get away with such shallow reviewing and hypocrisy.

My criticism stands.



You are falling behind!

Far more serious issues are swirling around George W Bush than Helen Clark!

An earlier posting of yours shows you have at least heard of the Iraq war.

As a result of that primarily, McCain has become the dummy that is going to try to succeed Bush. Bush has messed up not only for his successor but his party as well.

Meanwhile, Obama and Clinton were fighting it out to be the next president.

Sometimes you make the most naive of comparisons, presumably to draw some reaction.

Not even the Pope can resurrect the fortunes of George W Bush.


Look, over there! Did you see that? No? Keep looking.

Those American elections will be here any moment now.



Ian lives in New Zealand hence I think it is fair that he gives New Zealand readers information on the current government's activities.

Ian's chapter on the Doone episode alleges that she lied to the media, and therefore the public, regarding the holder of a senior public office, with a view of getting rid of him for other reasons. That, if proved, and it should be fairly simple for the police to uphold the law, is CORRUPTION. The relevant EVIDENCE is all there in the affadavits and court related documents from Oskar Alley in relation to Doone's suing of Helen Clark over the affair. And this is before the Parker affair is detailed in the book.

Clark, while I pray for her salvation, has to date been the worst PM this country has ever seen. November, and a close to 30% margin in the polls, cannot come soon enough for this country's wellbeing. Please save yourself the effort and don't bother defending the behaviour of Helen.


The Prime Minister, Helen Clark, has been the best PM this country has ever had because she considers all her people.
The religious think of women as secondary to men and if you look around the world you will see what damage has been done to countries where men are in charge without women as leaders or in equal partnership with men (same as in families).
I think the people you need to worry about Matthew are the people voting for National. Fascism will prosper under Key and his failed 90s cohorts. NZers will suffer because of it and women more so under the conservatism that will be ushered in. Religion hates the idea of any woman leading.
That is the base of your attempts to destroy the Prime Minister and says more about religious fundamentalists and their agenda. Pity women don't realise the future that is being planned for them by the Right extremists.

I'm not surprised there are waiting lists for the book at the Library. So many people, including me, would not want to pay for it and encourage Wishart in his misogyny.




Need Jum say more?

This seems to be a pretty comprehensive summary of the Christian fundamentalist view of politics.


No peter it is about 60years out of date. It is typical feminist rhetoric based on nothing other than men can NEVER critisise women, regardless of their actions. NZ is pretty dry ground for feminists, thats why they have to paint pictures of yesteryear to maintain any activist momentum. Just let this antiquated activism die.

Just got my copy of Ians book, had to wait a week on a waiting list first though.
It really seems that grass roots NZ is waking up to the incompetant ideology that is wrecking this country, congratulations Ian.
ps I really like the name of your publishing company.


Oh really Dan?

Start telling me about all the denominations that recognise female leadership at the highest level. Start telling me about true equality of men and women in churches

Lets see .. Roman Catholic? Anglican? Baptist?


Of interest.

During the Middle Ages there was a period of wealthy 'noble women' owning large tracts of land and fair number of well off women in business for awhile.

During the 17th,18th, 19th centuries and to point even in the early 20th century. It was also the women themselves who were activity involved in 'putting down' women who wanted to advance above what was considered their accepted place in society. I.E being a wife and a mother and not getting a higher education or going into business for themselves, etc!

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