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At 800-900 MHz radio frequencies damage cells b upsetting the regulatory mechanisms involved in cellular computation, such as the centrosome, and the primary cilia.
Once membranes are permeabilised by RF radiation, certain storage compartments known as lysomes, for example, can rupture their contents causing protracted damaged to cellular organelles that will result in cancer or abnormal cell development.

The choice is but for the informed. Just look at male sperm quality after 20 minutes per day ...


Cellphones do not cause cancer, eating and breathing does.

On the topic of cellphone use while driving, I am all for a ban on handheld use. As a former handsfree carkit installer with over 1500 installations to my credit, I've tried all the options and the two best are the Bluetooth (BT) headset and the fully integrated BT or wired carkit.

I use a Sony Ericsson BT headset which works very well and is the best option IMO for portable use. In my wife's car I have installed a Nokia CK-15W BT 'full installation' carkit which is simply superb. It has an LCD screen which displays Caller ID, battery and reception info at a glance and works with voice and speed dialling. Radio mute is the 'killer app' which renders those sunvisor kits as gimicks; it really does make a difference on the road.

Another option not often mentioned is BT compatible OEM and aftermarket stereo's which are becoming common on high-spec cars these days, but the problem is that Japanese Used Cars seldom have any carkit compatibility and these are the vehicles driven by the young drivers most at risk.

I feel that an education program is needed here for young learner drivers to explain the consequences and provide some alternative ideas.

It's time for handsfree carkit use to move out of the business orientated market and into the mainstream. Perhaps Telecom and Vodafone could help by including a BT headset along with the phones it sells to young people? They certainly should think about the consequences of providing $10 plans which link one mobile to a landline contract. After all, who do they think uses this facility? I knew one truck driver who would talk for 2hrs to his partner, then hang up and ring her back! Virtually on the phone all day! It very common for truck drivers to use a handheld device and thier bosses just avoid the issue.

There are many aspects to this debate and I'm worried that our politicions will push through some punitive, unworkable, junk legislation based on a knee-jerk reaction and a once-over-lightly look at the options.

After all, thats what they specialise in...


I've got a wired hands free which we fitted on buying the car with the tow bar.

at $350 I don't think it is that expensive for a car of +$20k.

There is a visa mounted Bluetooth unit at $180 which sound fine.

Not tried the Bluetooth earpieces but have used the dangly one.

personally lets change the law and make it compulsory to use a hands free.

then there is no excuse.

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