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But will the Greens choose their false claim over the research that contradicts their claim and stops them getting what they want? They did it with the amendment of S59 of the Crimes Act.


ha! what a mess.

The "Greens" (really a collection of dysfunctional gnarly old socialists and uba-liberals) can't even get their story straight on their chosen platform - environmentalism.

Just how anyone with genuine environmental concerns, as opposed to an uninformed but slightly guilty conscience, can bring themselves to vote "Green" is beyond me


You are impossible to please Ian. Here we have at last a politician willing to take your writings seriously, and still you remain hung up on her party affiliation.

Could it be that you realise that your references will not withstand closer scrutiny?

I hope you have taken care to ensure this does not end up like the cases about David Cuniliffe, Annette King, ..


Interesting summary


...David Parker, David Benson-Pope, Taito Phillip-Field, John Tamihere, Peter Doone... you mean buried by the Main Stream Media until more revelations pile up?

Anyway, I fail to see the point you make. Ian's post didn't detail her party affiliations, but only her "yes, but" string of comments.

And then you connect that with a conjecture that somehow means his writings will not bear up. If you've read the article Peter, this will be a failure of the study conducted by the US State of Maine. To be fair, Ian's report covers a lot of other ground but I wait with interest to see the inevitable rebuttals.


f you've read the article Peter, this will be a failure of the study conducted by the US State of Maine.

Worded badly. Perhaps:

If the argument about dangers of CFL units fails to stack up, it will not be Ian's failure, but a failure of the study conducted by the State of Maine

They've raised some interesting findings. Perhaps "myth busting" findings. I do look forward to the rebuttals.


Nice link Peter. It certainly covered off the issues around a CFL breaking, and the in depth safety analysis around the mercury issue was awesome:

CFLi's are [not] more dangerous:

* CFLi's are much safer to use in confined areas as they produce very little heat when compared to the very hot GLS bulbs.

They are much safer where children are concerned and many are now used in children's light fittings for this reason.

* CFLi's burn so much cooler that there will be no more browned or burnt lampshades or nasty scorch marks on ceilings.

ian're not quoting me lighting industry news releases are you?

Next you'll be telling me tobacco is 'medicinal'.

It isn't just the Maine study. A Brown University study reported on early this month also found the bulbs emit dangerous levels of mercury vapour when broken.

The entire Labour/Green policy has been founded on dodgy claims that the lights were safe.


That link is garbage.
They don't even mention the mercury.
You have just reinforced Ians findings that no one seems aware of the dangers.


Ian says:

"Next you'll be telling me tobacco is 'medicinal'"

OK I will then! Tobacco products provide a means by which smokers treat themselves for depression, stress, and of course for nicotine addiction.

However due to certain risks such as higher likelihood of heart and lung disease, it is now clear that there are better ways of addressing these problems - i.e. depression, stress, and of course nicotine addiction itself.


We'd be back to candles if it weren't for the carbon they emit.


Sorry Peter, is this what you said?

OK I will then! CFL products provide a means by which households may be used for lighting hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and of course, kitchens.

However due to certain risks such as accidental breakage, burnout and mercury contamination, and costly disposal it is now clear that there are better ways of addressing these problems - i.e. solar powered homes, good conservation practices, using incandescent lighting, lowering the wattage where possible and looking at other areas of power saving.

That's an interesting idea. I'll look into it.


Zen Tiger


Science continually looks for better alternatives.

The Silent Majority

I just want the government out of my life! I want to be free to make my own choices in life, to discipline my kids as I see fit, to eat what I want and to use the type of f***ing lightbulb of my choosing. I am sick and tired of these statist socialists who think they know better than me and everyone else, they are holier than thou elitists. Get out of my way and give me back my freedom!


The Silent Majority..

Anarchy is the only option for you!

There is such a thing as the public good you know.


Peter: how can there be any public good in postmodern world?+


Gosh KevOB

I dont think you learned THAT brilliant insight in Sydney at the World Youth Festival!

Public good can be achieved in any era.


"There is such a thing as the public good you know."

Who or what is this "public" and by what standard does it judge something as "good"?


I just did a Google search on "public good" & definition James and you can do the same.

The expression "public good" has been around many years.

Right wing (or should I say former right wing) politician supports what he calls "public goods" - may be that is the correct plural.

But then James, like most subscribers around here, you would be some distance to the right of Stephen Franks!

Ha Ha Ha!!!


BTW james, were you at World Youth Day with Pope Benedict XV1, otherwise known as "Rock Star Ratzy" or Joe for short.

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