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Of Interest:

Patrick Moore, head of the environmental advocacy group Greenspirit, and a former founding member of Greenpeace, called Smith's views "eco-imperialism at its worst."

Moore left Greenpeace in the 1980s after becoming disillusioned with what he considered the group's radical approach to environmental concerns.

Patrick Moore (founder of Greenpeace) now views the environmental movement as having lost its original mission of ecological protection and is now occupied with encouraging class envy and anti-capitalist rhetoric."The environmentalists try to inject guilt into people for consuming, as if consuming by itself causes destruction to the environment. There is no truth to that. You have the wealthiest countries on earth with the best looked after environment...Poverty, not wealth, is one of the biggest threats to the Earth's ecological health...Look at the environmental destruction caused by poverty. They have no money left to reforest, they have no money left to prevent soil erosion, there is no money to clean their water after they make it dirty... (Environmentalists) are mainly political activists with not very much actual science background who are using the rhetoric of environmentalism to push agendas that are more political than they are ecological..."

Thomas Everth

Acid: all of humanities endeavors have an environmental impact and a sustainability index if you wish. You can safely say that fossil fuels rank rather badly in both regards.

If a high tech civilization as such was unsustainable in principle - and there are many voices that say so - then its back to the stone age after we burned through our fossil reserves.
I pin my hopes on the fact that human ingenuity will prevent this and I see latest advances in solar technology as one of the pillars underpinning this.

Thomas Everth

I'm not a great fan of Greenpeace either


Enjoyed reading the desmog stuff but it was disappointing that Richard Littlemore was left out. What is he? a nobody? He must have some skeletons in his closet


Ian says:

" And remember this: The Briefing Room, Howling At The Moon etc have not been paid a cent to write an opinion, article or book on climate change. Nor have the leading skeptic sites WattsUpWithThat or ClimateAudit.

It's a matter of trust, at the end of the day.

Posted by iwishart on November 08, 2009 at 09:20 PM | Permalink "

And there are no advertisments in "Investigate".

And copies of "Air Con" are free.

Yeah, right.


You miss the point Peter. This blog represents my opinions, not those of an undisclosed, or disclosed-if-you-know-where-to-dig special friends paying me to write things that might be advantageous to them.


I have had no special funding from any third party paying me to write Air Con. My books and magazine are commercial projects yes, just as anyone else earning a wage, and stand or fall on their merits.


I could have made a fortune in PR. I chose not to.


Everything stands or falls on it's merits, no matter how it's funded. Funding can give us some context, and can help with determining conflicts of interest, but at the end of the day if something stacks up, it stacks up. If something is shown to be misleading or a misrepresentation, then that's what it is.
Which is why I find it strange that you're so keen to 'play the man and not the ball' (e.g. dismissing a link to RealClimate and refusing to engage on the substance).

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