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Come in Polly-neke.


$3118? It was a dog kennel they were renting!

Grace Haden

for more on this read


Its all clear now. I could never figure out how NZ always came out top in the Anti Corruption League Tables while corruption was so manifest during the Clark era.


Yes, all that chronic vague, unsubtantiated 'heard it down the pub' and 'read it online somewhere' Clark-era corruption. It's a wonder there's anyone NOT in jail.


What is going on? Penny listed as an "Anti-corruption campaigner." OMG!

TINZ lists as " Goal 1" of its workplan "Greater Accountability and Transparency in New Zealand".

It appears that the agenda of TINZ is the feather-nesting of those in higher places.

Peter Klett

I know from experience, that while a lot of good hearted people are really there to do good. The Secretariat is ran completely innefficiently particularly the finances, their finance department consists of no more than 10 staff and people running programmes have almost no financial knowledge, dumping all financial work on interns who aren't even prepared to deal with such things.

You must wonder, why isn't an organization that demands everyone to be transparent showing how much people earn, while governments they call corrupt do so?

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