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December 27, 2006



Dr.Hugh Ross`s The Creator and the Universe is effectively peer-reviewed and countered by Prof.J.Stenger(Astronomist like Ross ,as well as a Physicist) in his The Functional Equivalent Of God. The reviewers web-site is a fascinating realm to the lay person with it`s extensive and authoritative material . Also a fertile field of counter argument to theistic propositions. But only one of many on the www.It is impressive to see titan protagonists lock horns under quasi Marquess of Queensbery rules.We can only learn from both sides of the divide.I would love to have Einstein moderate their debates, with his serene dispassion on the one hand but total awe at the majesty of the Universe as shown when he replied to an eight year old`s innocent question= Do scientists pray? His special reply answered any philosophical questions and encapsulated my evolving position as a somewhat lesser mortal.


I found this information to be most interesting. It confirms my faith in the creation of the Universe by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The more scientists look, the more they find evidence of his noodly influence.



Its beyond doubt that god created everything matter,time,space,soul and energy.No matter which theory of the scientists holds good today,God existence cant be questioned.
I would like to comment that its in the Hindu scriptures which dates back long before christ that the universe was created by god's yoga maya and at the end this dissolves back into him.In hindu scriptures their is more detailed account of creation unlike one statement of bible's 'god created heaven and earth.. irrespective of any faith if you really want to know about creation then you should read the ancient scriptures of india.


Questions such as these have attracted attention since the dawn of the human race. The conclusion reached by scientists and philosophers searching for answers with their intellects and common sense is that the structure and order of this universe are one of the evidences of the existence of Almighty Allah, the supreme Creator ruling over the whole universe.

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