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December 27, 2006


John Sharp

I appreciate your stance, neither taking sides with the screaming creationists or with the screaming evolutionists. But I have to question your statement about school curriculum when you said “It is relatively easy to get a scientific theory debated in our schools – it would be impossible to get Creationism included in school science classes.” A short visit to the website http://www.aas.org/publications/elaarchive/ela072.0899 will make it evident that many in the USA are quite serious about instilling in our children exclusively the creationist side of this War. And they are making some impressive progress, in the face of massive evidence, as many have pointed out. I always enjoyed the quote of Carl Sagan, who said something like this (I can’t find the actual quote): “It would truly be a cruel God who would provide us with such an overwhelming trail of evidence for evolution, and a brain capable of understanding this evidence, if it were not true.”


Could you provide a citation for the abortion-breast cancer link please? The ones I found* don't seem to back your statement. Peer-reviewed study only, of course.



After four years I no longer have the citations at my fingertips but they were all peer-reviewed studies.

My understanding is that the majority of studies show the link, but more often than not researchers were either focusing on other things or the result did not suit their worldview.

A couple of years ago the liberals did their own big meta-analysis to debunk the link, which they could only do by arbitrarily deciding they would pay no attention to cases involving breast cancer where the woman remembered having previously had an abortion.

Easy to see how restricting the terms of reference like that might alter the outcome.

Anyway, the link to the original magazine story is below:


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