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December 27, 2006



Your argument is very flawed. It lacks basic Christian and political understanding of what is going on. Bush has a personal and vested interest in Iraq war! There are so many tyrannical regimes all around the world including China. Why single out Iraq! You allege that Saddam would have murdered 18,000 people if left unchecked. What about over 100,000 that have died in the Iraq war? Iraq has become unsafe even for the Christians there! Many of them have fled the country during this war because of renewed persecution from Islamic fundamentalists. Please, let us be careful as believers in supporting unscriptural actions of our government. Let us put the kingdom of God as our focus and stop idolizing our leaders or any political party. Let's pray for them to judge rightly and let's be frank to tell them they are wrong when mistakes are made. My key word: Be careful for we shall all stand at the end of the age before the judgment seat of Christ.

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