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Chuck Bird

Marc, you were a lawmaker. That was a privilege not many have. You should therefore be respectful of the law. You should think before you put finger to keypad. I have followed this case and there appears to be two sides to it. Advocating vigilante style justice even if the alleged bully was in fact a bully would be unacceptable. From the media reports that I have heard this adult bully and convicted criminal not only assaulted a child but the child’s mother.

He had the opportunity to reflect on his emotionally charged over reaction and apologise. He chose not to. I think he got off rather lightly.

You now mention about a cabinet minister not being charged although there was a prima facie case against him. When you were in Parliament did you speak out against the Prime Minister not being charged for forgery ever though there was a prima facie case to answer?

R. Orbell

When are we "THICK" kiwis going to have enough intelligence to realise that MMP and PC are two weapons whereby the political minority (the lunatic greenies and the homosexual element) govern the majority in a democratic society and damn well do something about it!

don smith

i need a copy of the information on the last page of the Statute Of Westminster; for comparison. Thank you.

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