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Gallipoli tours

It was just great! So many historical place Gallipoli - Troy . I really liked to visit the historical places that made this great country

I have to say that this trip was fantastic. I had a great time in Troy - Gallipoli Turkey. Everything went on very well actually much better than we expected. Our guide was very friendly and he knew all details of history http://www.toursingallipoli.com I had a very exciting time on this tour.

The tour guide was very informative and he knew what he was doing. I am very happy with the provided service It was an unforgettable visit to turkey. And the tour company was so professional. They managed the whole package very well. I really highly recommend it

istanbul tours

Spent three days in area and two full days visiting the park and memorials were not enough. Should have had a third. Used dardanel troy Cannakale as a base and left car at Kilitbahir. Our visit was focussed on the British landings in the Cape Hellas area and Morto Bay as well as Gully Ravine. There was more than enough to see with British, French and Turkish sites. It is a must to read up on the Gallipoli campaign before you go. Pretty spectacular and difficult terrain was dwarfed by a second visiting Suvla and Anzac areas http://www.privatetoursinistanbul.com Spectacularly beautiful and daunting/terrible for those who fought there. September is a quiet time for a visit with good weather although very dry. Well worth the visit Thank you all so much.

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