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IMHO. It's smacks of being very dodgy, this socalled 'magic letter' suddenly coming to light.

Looks like a faked piece of butt covering to me.

Shane Ponting

Actions like those of the herald don't do much to destroy the idea that the Left-Elite's influence includes that of the media......


That is the funniest thing I have heard this week. accusing you of not checking with the subject and doing the same themselves.

Good luck with getting a retraction.


I hope you get a retraction-well said.

Susan Aucutt

Methinks the maiden doth protest too much.

Jack Yan

Go for it, Ian—I shall be interested to hear what the Irish-owned media will say.


My response to her comments on Sir Humphrey's etc are here:

She didn't contact me either, not even one email. And most of her carefully couched hypotheticals are highly misleading.

Someone really does need to get back to basics.

J R Will

Ian Wishart is really scrambling to get himself out of the poo his own stupidity got him into!

jack lambton

has anyone actually sighted Parker's 'magic' letter? And has it been checked for authenticity? paper type in use in 1999 or whenever it was posted? Typewriter or computer generated? date checked? etc. As Parker said himself, the file copy should have been shredded years ago. Maybe it was!


whoa Jack, are you flashing back to that CBS memo?


I have blogged on the post and recieved a response from Fran O'Sullivan. you may be interested

Jack Yan

Hey Dave, yes, every now and then … it was fun being a font nerd for a current issue than in the minutiæ of work!

Jack Yan

Dave, sorry, thought you were talking to me and not the other Jack (as I was involved in Memogate and wrote quite extensively on it in the print media).
   On that note: anyone want to show me the letter and I can make a comment?

ian wishart

Ah Jack...good to see a fellow publishing magnate still working at this hour...

Jack Yan

Thanks, Ian. I have concluded I have more in common with the last James Bond villain (who had permanent insomnia).

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