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Why? Why? Why?
It's an ugly site, with loads of problems. I only care about politics, yet I would have to look at all those fucking stories I don't care about. Scoop has a fantastic layout and works. Unlike news24seven, which is just a cheap blog that's made with cut-and-paste


Yeah, Rome wasn't built in a day. I'm not trying to "take out" Scoop, which is a very good service.

And you'll find political releases on here in the next few days...but the releases fly in every few minutes, now I can put them somewhere and if people choose to comment directly that's up to them.


Two points:
(1) Blog software is completely inappropriate for that sort of thing, and an odd choice considering the many other excellent and completely free software platforms available. Of and what Fred said.
(2) When I visited it with Firefox it tried to load some data into an external application, which is about as bad a security hole as you can have.

Shane Ponting

Actually if you ignore the Blog software banner for a second it makes sense - web based article dumps (ease and portability of entry), plus a commenting interface. Considering the nature of the news24seven as a release "dump" (I'm not using that as a derogatory word, think techspeak), it makes sense. Of course we can always mess with the style sheets for the actual layout, nevermind the engine powering it....

Re:CID firefox.

Allow me to reassure you AL the this is not some bad data trying to hax0r your setup. CID is a functional acronym for Content ID. It is used by email clients when using inline images, as you cannot use a path to refer to the image since this cannot be predicted on the recipient's setup thus the content id.

I speculate Ian's dumped some emails he has received and the method he used has transferred the raw HTML across. Substituting the cid paths for server paths or deleting them will remove firefox's innocent moans.


Shane you are entirely correct.

I'm using Typepad's email forwarding facility to simply upload news releases when they come in.

According to typepad, URLs are automatically converted, but it appears not in the case of mobile blogging.

The design is easily altered down the track and will be. What I'm concentrating on is functionality at this stage, and ironing out bugs. is not Scoop per se, which as I've said does a great job and I use it frequently. But once the news releases are fully automatic, it should be the fastest with uploads. And when we add extra content down the track, it should become even more accessible.

One of the issues for us was that we initially purchased Moveable Type, which provides for much greater design and content flexibility, but you need an IT degree to drive it.

Hence, when our ISP swapped servers recently they put us out of action.

Typepad's bells and whistles are easier to use, but not as easy yet to customise.


Ian, I was a bit harsh on you. Sorry.
You are trying to bring innovation in, that probably should occur. But, I would like to see a better lay out before I will use it.

And hopefully the competition will make Scoop innovate.


Also, I note you have it as a "Code Blue" blog on your sidebar. It should probably be neutral as it has ALL sides

Jack Yan

A good start; maybe a bit more customization as it evolves.

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