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Joe Blow

hope Hislop gave you permission to publish his email, since the copyright is his. Anyway this is old news - your previous post , "Parker; Gone by Lunchtime" has gone nowhere.

John Boy

Only politically inclined people seem to care about this stuff. Being concerned about where increasing state intervention into the citizenry's privacy is leading I think the whole dirt digging process is beneficial. The old' "If you have nothing to hide what are you worried about?" gets trotted out whenever the state wants yet more information and control. Well, here we are looking at the self proclaimed elite being intruded upon, by each other no less, and suddenly its not nice. And you left and right leaning hangers on out there, don't spout crap that if you remain "legal" you get left alone. Some of us think that honesty and other basic ages old moral values are important whether its "legally" required or not. We have seen politicians be dishonest and break the laws they make yet they seem to have immunity from prosecution. C'mon children, if you've nothing to hide what are you worried about?


Well said John Boy. Talking about morals ;
" It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies " Arthur Calwell



All persons aspiring to be elected to High Office or become Board Directors, etc.

Should all be open to full scrutinity and have Private Investigators, Police Checks, etc established on them before they can attain positions of power and trust in the first place.

There have been far too many past and present individuals in high office in this country with very dirty laundry in regard to their business practices and their underworld criminal mates before they were elected for starters!!

Lil old NZ needs a big sweep clean out (instead of the usual sweep it under the carpet routine). What's been going on here for far too many years makes the most unruley wild west town look respectable in comparison.

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