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Hopefully its something to do with Nicky hagers credibility, for the Nats sake!!!

Mike Readman

Wouldn't Hager saying Don Brash is responsible for Rod Donald's death be enough to destroy Hager's credibility? Anyway, I hope's it Helen Clark's e-mails, preferably the ones to Heather Simpson.


My money's on the launching of a private prosecution against Helen Clark for breaches of the Public Finance Act.


my guess is that it may be something to do with Peter Davis -

Nick Archer

Wow what a political week, Nicky Hager releases a book that will sink Don Brash and Investigate are about to unleash a bombshell. I think it will be about Peter Davis as Investigate said recently to WATCH THIS SPACE...


Nick, Peter and Sam,

See the post above, it's David Benson Pope.


Are not the words "Nicky Hager" and "Credibiltiy" an oxymoron

Pascal's bookie

"I think it will be about Peter Davis as Investigate said recently to WATCH THIS SPACE..."

Theres a lot of space watching required though...

Peter Davis

Ians book on ID

Air nz sex scandal

Ian's constitution for NZ

The ex SAS militia that's in cohoots with the Maori nationalists

The imminent demise of the income tax

How that nutter in the hutt valley mailing bacon to Muslims was a lefty trying to prove we needed hate speech laws

The George bush appointed, Lutheran judge that gave ID a total spanking, who Ian called a secular humanist

I'm still standing by for details but I'm starting to think Ian's just not that much of a finisher. And a bit loose with the old facts.

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Sam Finnemore

You know, Ian, if you invested properly in ongoing maintenance for your major stories, maybe they wouldn't suddenly break on you so dramatically...



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Fun to see this resurrected.

Was this the time when Ian Wishart drew to our attention more bother with Don Brash - already shown to be Exclusive Brethren wise and two-timing?


Peter I suggest Peter will provide more attention ? What you think ?


Thx! :)


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Nice to be here and see your post!

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