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Antarctic Lemur

Are you going to release any audio clips? Seems more than fair if you're going to make such claims.

Fred Fish

I and my mates thought we might make a secret tape also, we can sit around and talk about how angry we are that Wishart who is also into BDSM has blown the gaff on everyone else because he didn't get the golden shower he was promised last week.

Perhaps we could release that to the media also?

Anyone can make secret tapes, tying them back to real people is going to be the challenge.

Already we know that one of the photos in the article is of someone else entirely, not Benson Pope (not that you can tell, anyone could be the person in those pictures).


You don't get it do you?

Brash and Key swap jobs - so whay?

but panty-boy and Tiler-field
that's TWO bi-elections the commies won't win...

and UF & NZF won't stick around:



Ian can you comment as to why you appear unwilling to release the audio

Shane Ponting

"Investigate Online is not releasing its extensive tapes and recordings for a number of reasons, including because they may become highly relevant to any court case, but has played the particular recording in question to selected media purely to confirm its bona fides, who have described it as "compelling"."

I think that *is* his comment dave.


so, what have the "selected media" done with it apart from supposedly listeningth the tapes. There is no contempt of court. there will be no court case.


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