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Spirit Of 76

Wasn't the last recorded increase, albeit temporary spike (which was barely measurable) in atmospheric methane recorded in 1991 when My Pinatubo was erupting ?


Not to mention.

One of the biggest Methane gas producers are Termite Mounds. Plus we better drain all the swamps of the World and not forgetting all those tens of thousands of ruminating animals that roam the great plains of Africa!

Adolf Fiinkensein

Andrei, you took the words right out of my mouth. Only the other night I was wondering (a) what's happened to PBS? (b) when is Taito Field going to give Investigate an exclusive interview and (c) how many buffalo and wilderbeste were wandering around belching methane three hundred years ago?

ian wishart

And when you look at the size of them thar brontosaurii!!

Yeah, that's what had me rolling around the floor with laughter. On the one hand evil Man has hunted every wild creature that ever roamed the earth and chewed cud to the point of extinction..and yet somehow there are more animals now than the planet can handle?

Too much weed being smoked over at environmental.central, methinks.

Dinosaurs patently were not killed by asteroids but by gaseous emissions of their own making...

Shane Ponting

More efficient cows, now that *is* funny. Next thing it will be humans, and every time you let one rip in public a greenpeace mob will mow you down and clobber you with protest signs.....

John Boy

While I think we are out of step with how the world works naturally, and we can't do that indefinitely, I smell politics of GE corn here. But, there may be some natural answers to some problems. Read "The Omnivores Dilemma" , especially the bits on Polyface Farm. There is a web site for Polyface as well I gather. If a yank can do it smart we surely can. Its funny that it works well but the Fed doesn't like it as it doesn't fit the big business mould. Part of the problem in NZ is tax as well (inevitably). Forestry isn't the attractive thing it once was because the tax position has been changed. Those slipping hills in the back of Taranaki need some trees on ridgelines to make whole slopes far more stable. That creates a nice little carbon sink - lots of little bits - and still allows pastoral farming. We're not that smart really and big business rules - by the $. In big business I wonder if there is any really "smart" money at all.


Yes and once the Greens have gutted our national herds by 30%.Where do they think they are going to get the dosh from for there big social spending plans!

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