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Account Deleted

I'm sure Nicky Hager if pressed would claim to believe in free speech.

And he has certainly exercised his right to free speech in writing this book.

But he chooses to use his right to free speech to try to limit the freedom of speech for those with whom he disagrees.

"All animals are equal but some are more equal than others"


ermm... Ian, go check

John Boy

Goodness gracious me Ian. Left or right - it makes no difference as its all crap and we don't need them. We need Hagers (and Wisharts) to keep some balance. As a citizen I think there's little better than a nervous politician. The ordinary media doesn't keep them honest so on that basis I'll read eveything I can and pick the bits I like. I object to the "Conservative Christian" theme being linked with "right wing". I think it stands apart from politics completely and while there may be common ground I am completely at home with the former while disliking the latter. Yep, I like reading Pilger (and Fisk). Fisk is especially interesting as he's been so close to the action for so long. I'm convinced there would be a lot less dead people if he was running things but politicians would be the losers. I like the sound of that.

Paul Litterick

Given that it took Mr Hayward so long to read the book, it is a shame that he could not manage to review it. Instead he vents his considerable speen on every target he can find. This rightist spluttering is very entertaining, but hardly edifying.

Account Deleted


It is not only 'rightists' who have taken a while to get through this book and ponder it before passing comment.

In the past day several well known opinion writers such as Fran O'Sullivan (hardly a 'rightist') have passed comment on 'The Hollowmen' and none of it is favorable.

In fact there is great concern amongst all over the source of Nicky Hager's material.

This could well shape up to be the biggest political scandal in NZ's history given that some Labour Party MPs seem to have seen some of this material prior to the last election.

Watch this space.

Paul Litterick


Fran O'Sullivan (hardly a leftist) seems fixated on the supposed crimes of Labour while belittling the content of The Hollow Men. Other commentators have concentrated on the sources of Hager's emails rather than their substance. It looks to me like a diversionary tactic.

Although these commentators have made allegations that border on defamation, not one of them has provided any evidence to counter Hager's claim that the emails came from sources within National.

You may be waiting a while for your scandal.

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