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I wonder just who it was who came up with the "State of the Nation" title for this speech. Just more spin.

Let's face it, Key hasn't been opposition leader more than 10 minutes, let alone privy to all the information a government can control, so how on Earth can he be giving a "State of the Nation" speech?

Especially since we all know, should he ever get his arse on the Treasury benches, the first speech he makes will be along the lines of "Its worse than we thought, the other lot kept us in the dark, we all need to roll up our sleeves and make sacrifices", ad nauseum.


Why so upset about "State of the Nation"?

You were hoping for "State of the Broom Closet"?

The Greens have one-upped all that with "State of the Planet".

Given that adherence by New Zealand to paying huge Kyoto taxes enables the Greens to save the planet, it seems entirely reasonable for our future elected party to be thinking about the Nation they will be entrusted with governing.

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