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I must admit I was curious when I saw it as to the origin - you or someone else.

Barnsley Bill

Why is the story not in the MSM yet? DBP has been very quiet since it broke and nobody is talking about it.


With such a limited number of potential witnesses to the events concerned, it left the media unable to find people who would talk to them about it.

DBP meanwhile gave explicit instructions to a newspaper journalist that he was NOT to be quoted as denying the story.

He did, however, threatened to sue any media who stepped out of line and try to follow the story up, so everyone gave up on it as being too hard.

John Boy

Thanks for the notice - cyfswatch isn't the right venue for that.
BB is right - hardly a peep from DBP. No defamation writ either or other legal peskiness I presume? If he was innocent he would be after you.


The story is mentioned in today's Dom Post as popping up on CYFSWatch. Page A8.


it would appear they have withdrawn the post.


And many other posts, including mine .

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