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Barnsley Bill

personally I think Dunne is a suckhole. Rather than mucking around with a public holiday he should be talking about removing race based seats in parliament. With MMP they are no longer needed. If we are going to muck around with waitangi day lets at least make it a compulsory monday.


Even better, remove the race based seats AND abolish MMP, the bigest threat to democracy.

Then we can move to a republican form of government, finally disconnecting the nation from its obligations to an outdated treaty. THAT would be something to celebrate with a Public Holiday!


Who cares? Another day off is all it would be for most and a junket for most of the rest. The country has large problems to face because those in charge are self serving and I'm not sure messing about with MMP or the Queen will help. One thing for sure is that if it doesn't suit the pollies it won't happen. Ian has written about the constitutional problem in NZ before and until that's addressed I don't see us as a nation at all. If the Maori got together as one realistic body and challenged the legality of the govt generally I suspect Labour (rather than National) would be terrified. Go the browns then, find a real leader and rock the boat.


Well, becoming a Republic is certainly the way to address "the constitutional problem", wouldn't it? A brand new form of government with an up to date written constitution.

And if you truly want representative government, MMP has to go. Under MMP no matter how badly a pollie stinks, as long as they have the right spot on the list, the electors are powerless to remove them.

Winston Peters would not have the Foreign Affairs job if it weren't for MMP; he wouldn't even be in parliament.


Sorry Fugly, I admire the US constitution but even that's ignored when the US administration wants to. I'm not sure what the answer is but I'd at least like to debate the choices after a full disclosure of adgendas and morals. Binding referenda sounds promising because the politicians hate it. We can't ditch the Queen yet, we are a British colony still. We shouldn't have ditched the Privy Council either but there we go. The politicians have you by the nuts MMP or not. DBP may like that but I think it sucks. I like Alfred Saunders who was an early politician from Nelson and wonder why can't we be like that again. Simple rules and an honest man got along fine.


Is the US the only republic you know? Or is theirs the only form of republican government possible?

Binding referenda sounds nice, but, and it is a very BIG BUT the referenda can only be broad stroke matters, a government still needs to put it in to practice.

Of course we can dump the queen, any time we like, I feel grown up enough, how about you?

As for the Privy Council, why are you so insecure in the ability of your countrymen to get things right, yet have blind faith in foreiegners?


No, the US doesn't stand alone but I like its Constitution. The US tends to be a stand out as an example because of their influence and the way they prattle on about freedom.

I agree we are grown up enough to dump the Queen but don't have a problem with her either.

I have an aversion to a legal system where the Govt makes the rules, enforces the rules and appoints the judges. That's not independant and you only have to look at the fuss over Labour's election spending when someone in officialdom dares to stand up and be counted. The Privy Council gave another layer independant of that influence and we need that. Lawyer friends tended to agree we needed to retain the PC but for the reason we were too small to have a big pool of judges and there was some risk of conflicts arising.

I have no blind faith in anyone (except JC) and little in the ability of Govt or its agencies to get anything right. It seems the govt is marching to a tune played by someone rich with vested interests (alternative medecine anyone) and without a huge shift in the concept of govt we are no better off. As an example you might say crime doesn't pay, so that's why there's so much effort on petty infringements. They do pay. Its a Corporation and money is the goal. Morals are so last century darling. I think the "system" sucks and suspect I'm not the only one.

Dave mann

It doesn't matter a what "New" national day we come up with. Waitangi Day used to be (or was first visualised as) a de-facto national day, and then it was hijacked by the maoris. Any alternative would also be hijacked in exactly the same way.
The fact is that a huge proportion of maoris don't want a "New Zealand" at all, otherwise they would demontrate or at least make their voices heard in opposition to the activists. As far as they are concerned, their country was forcibly and illegally taken from them at gunpoint by white colonists and they want it back.
Its no use arguing with them.... and it is CERTAINLY no use pandering to them because it only makes them stronger and more determined - just look at the 'progress' so far!
We will become the Zimbabwe of the Pacific if we don't start confronting this problem in a solid way very soon.
I expect it will follow the same pattern as Africa. First the Indians will be thrown out, then the Chinese and all the while there will be a trickle of whites fleeing with their money and resources. Finally there will be a bloodbath involving those who have too much to lose by leaving.
The establishment of the Republic Of Aotearoa will coincide almost exactly with the country's slide off the OECD scale and it will have thriving diplomatic relations with Fiji and the Solomons but Australia will be have closed its doors.

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