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I was happy to pay for an advance copy. So when are they arriving?

Also happy to do a review...


I will see if I can do one too... NZ really needs stronger political critique than Hager's one-sided slander.

I was just at the anti Bradford Bill march in Christchurch. Good turnout despite the rain. Perhaps NZ is waking up at last


advance copies will be sent out early next week...


A USA author offered a book for review several months back, so no, you're not the first.


Great stuff Ian. Must remember to send my order in for a couple of dozen copies!


Good to hear Peter...I've arranged for your ISP to bill you...where would u like them sent, and do you require the extra large print version?

Peter Allison

I have also paid for a copy and would like to know when?


I'm going to buy one, too, but I'd like the phone number of the model on the cover :P

Tom S

I've read it. Its about Russia.


I see they're selling it online at Real Groovy as well.


Did the Listener get a free copy?

Will Ian ask for them to return it?

I don't think he'll like their review, that's for sure, not their description of him as "...the hardest working paranoid-Christian fearmonger in the businesss..."


I'm not so sure. It sounds like a very favourable review fugley.

(a) The Listener has heard of Ian

(b) They have accurately described the niche he occupies in the magazine marketplace.


I'm not so sure. It sounds like a very favourable review fugley.

(a) The Listener has heard of Ian

(b) They have accurately described the niche he occupies in the magazine marketplace.


Actually boys and girls...I cracked up laughing when I read it.

If that is the best the liberal left can do, then they're doomed.

If Phillip could have found major factual errors he would have. Instead, he's infuriated and enraged at the book.

Good. I know quite a few liberals are gnashing their teeth about it. I also know you haven't read it yet Pete...

And for those interested in magazine readership figures...Investigate sits just behind NBR and Metro, and ahead of Top Gear...


Congratulations on your superb readership figures Ian.

You are well on the way to overtaking the NZ Listener, which attracts just four times the readership of Investigate.

Also you are just one digit away from the readership of North and South (which has seen better days) 152,000 is their reeadership. Triple yours, to put it another way.

Still, in your niche, which appeals equally to the right wing Christian fundamentalists and the agnostics/atheists looking for a good laugh .. you reign supreme!

Actually I dropped into a Christian Bookshop to buy the latest copy of Investigate - surely the Christian Bookshops stock you? Couldnt find it anywhere. Or Eve's Bite for that matter!


You've got to be fibbing, Peter!

If you walked into a Christian bookshop wouldn't the sky darken at midday and the altar at the liberal church of St Matts in the City split asunder? :)

It's the trends that are important in magazine readership, Peter. Investigate is growing while the others are largely shedding.

Intriguingly, in the biggest magazine retailers in the country (the supermarkets that we get scandata from, Investigate is now selling half what North & South does.

Shout Above The Noise

Investigate will continue to grow because there is a socially conservative readership out there who want to read material with such a slant.

Even the regular, sideline stuff is good. I've enjoyed the articles in recent months about iconic 80's bands, like Asia, Duran Duran & ABC. One doesn't find that in the liberal MSM, where the music press is comprised of politically correct middle-aged lefties who are deluded to the point where they think they have a credible opinion on hip-hop 'kulcha'

I mean, prior to Investigate, I tried the Free Radical, but "L" Libertarians are a strange breed - they strut around with their noses in the air, since they are all so above left-right politics, and only concerned with demonstrating their "ideological purity" than anything else.

What makes me wonder though, is why do the Godless, anti-family social liberals who infest this blog, and who are so sanguine in their beliefs - why are they on such a downer about "Investigate" ?


Yes the music column is the best in the magazine by a long stretch.

My favourite was the one on Al Stewart.

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