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If Hans Christian Andersen was to write his Emporers Clothes story today he could easily substitute 'global warming'(sorry its now become climate change) for his theme instead of using the empoers clothes.

Remember back in primary school when you were happily sitting cross legged on the mat and the teacher would be reading to you from a picture book.

Halcyon days of innocence.

Well all that is about to come to an end for some primary school children in England.

You really should rework your lead, as the Washington Times article doesn't say this.


Its OK, andrei, it really is OK.

The three Little Pigs have been saved ...

"As usual it is done in the name of ethnic minorities but it is perpetrated by white, middle class, do-gooders with a guilt complex and far too much time on their hands."


You really need to target all bullying and factionalism.

You can see so-called "effeminate" behaviour from kids at primary school, and such kids can get picked on.

Which comes back to encouraging diversity. Part of the new Values Curriculum!

John Boy

King & King doesn't sound too far removed from royal reality.


It was so much easier with Mickey and Minnie mouse when I went to primary school, no doubt in the kids story King and King pumps out lots of test tube children and they all lived happily ever after.
The brainwashing machine just keeps on producing dysfunctional children!


Completely off the subject - but i wonder if good old Pete Davis goes to the USA with Helen????


I wonder if he has any problems again with toilets in the good old USA??

Psycho Milt

Andrei must be cursing having you guys show up to demonstrate exactly why people are interested in discouraging this kind of unfunny homophobic bullshit.


"The brainwashing machine just keeps on producing dysfunctional children!"

From such a sterling example of someone who is perfectly well adjusted


Thank you s , which must be either a sonic or a snake .


s, do you even care about normal values such as honesty, respect, dignity, kindness, self-control, diligence...?

No, to you and your fellow radical social engineers children are fair game for re-education in the new morality. The highest human aspirations are reduced to animal urges. How does a mind become so corrupted?

Spirit Of 76

Peasant - Hedonism is one of the few things West has left in abundance. Animal urges is all it boils down to.

What a sad state of affairs.

Psycho Milt

If kids are not fair game for being educated in their society's morality, why are there Christian schools? Dirty, stinkin' radical social engineers!


Psycho, the question you should ask yourself is: why are Christian schools in so much more demand, from religious and non-religious alike? Perhaps because they are free from leftist bullshit and propaganda that you are clearly addicted to

Psycho Milt

Or because people have preferred flavours of bullshit and propaganda. Which could it be?

John Boy

Thanks Peasant. So true.

I have no doubt that if parents had a real choice there would be a significant shift from the mainstream schools to "Christian" values based ones for simple reasons of they would be seen as better, safer etc...

While that may quietly be everything do with being Christian based, parents would not need to connect the dots. Better outcomes would be enough.


Psycho, the pervasive political indoctrination at teachers' colleges ensures that leftist propaganda dominates, denying most parents any preference.

As usual the left's spin hides their totalitarian impulse to crush 'liberal' principles of free thought.


here's something to warm the hearts of andrei, lucyna, et al.

THE Polish Government will ban discussions on homosexuality in schools and educational institutions across the country, with teachers facing the sack, fines or imprisonment.


Your attitude, and the attitude of EU bureaucracy, finally exposes the tolerance slogan as yet another empty lie -- the EU has no respect for the clear wishes of the Polish people, nor do you

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