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This does not surprise me. All the daycare kids I knew when we lived in Australia (don't know any here) were more violent and selfish than the non-daycare kids I knew (including my own). So I suppose, disruptive in class would be one result of being that way.

Psycho Milt

I would have said common sense suggests a child with experience of meeting and interacting with people outside their immediate family is much better placed to cope with school and society in general than one who's rarely been more than 10 feet from their mother's apron.

The last time I looked closely at one of these studies, they'd defined "aggressive behaviour" such that any kid more active than a tortoise met the criteria. Naturally child care centre kids were better at competing for a teacher's attention than kids who were used to being the focal point of the nearest adult's universe, and this translated to "more aggressive" in the study. Never trust a social scientist, is all I can say.


Psycho Milt, what happens with daycare kids is that they are put into an environment that puts them into stress. They have no backup of mummy making sure the kid that takes their toy gives it back. If a kid takes their toy, they have to get it back or cope with losing it. That develops an aggression that kids with mummy-backups never have to develop. The kids with mummy-backups instead can venture further and further from mum, while knowing that in the background she is there. This develops self-confidence in a way that daycare kids don't have. A quite, assured confidence rather than an aggressive confidence.


That last bit should have been "a quiet, assured confidence .."

Psycho Milt

"They have no backup of mummy making sure the kid that takes their toy gives it back."

Er, no. They have the backup of a childcare worker who gets their toy back. You have your personal experience of finding daycare kids to be badly behaved, and I have my personal experience of finding homecare kids to be isolated and spoiled. I don't think the twain will meet.


Well, obviously not. Though, homecared kids are certainly not isolated, unless mum is a recluse. There's shopping trips, cafe experiences, playgroups - lots of opportunities to interact with all sorts of people for the homecared kids. A much wider experience than what the daycare kid gets - especially the daycare kid that's at daycare all day.


I am bewildered that this even needs debating. How could extended separation of infants from from parents possibly be a preferable option? Only deluded marxists could possibly think the State is a better parent than actual parents


"Only deluded marxists could possibly think the State is a better parent than actual parents."

It's called State Brainwashing and Propaganda. Earlier you get the mind the better the indoctrination!

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