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John Boy

I'm starting to wonder if Shipton could even get it away on his own? Maybe he's simply so hopeless that he has to piggy back on someone else's chat ups.

As for that monkey study, its a dangerous thing. Helen will use it as an excuse to make herself woman in charge for life because its good for us. Imagine all that compulsory gay sex when ever you get miffed about something. It would see me never be visibly annoyed again that's for sure.


You might suspect, John Boy, that certain people already think people should behave like Bonobos.

The people who study animal behaviour are notorious for anthromorphism, although they will deny it vehemently if challenged.

Observer bias is also a big problem in such work, the observer sees and records what fits his or her world view and disregards the rest.

There is big interest in animal sexuality studies in this modern age, "Gay" penguins cause vast excitement and have even led to a childrens book.

However using animal studies to justify human behaviours is a dangerous road to go down.

If you want bisexual promiscuity bonobos may fit the bill.

But if you want to justify rape and beating uppity females into submission then baboon society gives you a great model.

But humans are more than animals and we have free will. And while some humans do use their freedom of action to behave like bonobos and others choose to behave like baboons most try to live decent and good lives with varying degrees of success.

Which all goes to show people are vastly different and a lot more than mere animals despite what the darwinists say.


"But humans are more than animals and we have free will"

Why do you confine free will to humans? Surely it also aplies to other forms of life too.


No, fugely, only humans have free will. All other creatures are products of their genetics only.


How do you come to that conclusion lucy?

What do you define as "free will"?


Fugely, anyone with half a brain can clearly see that humans beings are different from animals.

The ultimate expression of free-will is to choose God. No animal does that or is even capable of doing that.

Free-will is the capacity to make choices outside of our genetic programming. It points to our having a spiritual element to us that is not bound by the physical.

If we use the concept of sex as an example, an animal has no choice to resist having sex when the urge and opportunity comes upon them. While as human beings have this ability, no matter what their hormones and bodily urges are telling them. That indicates clearly that there is more to us than just our physical nature.


Of course Fugley I could have said "man was created in the image of God". But that would have led us nowhere.

I love reading lame, handwaving and convoluted rationales from sociobiologists explaining how darwinian selection produces selfless individuals like Mother Teresa or Father Kolbe and of course there are thousands and thousands of less well known and unknown examples of such behaviour throughout human history.

On the other hand the Christian Doctrine of free will provides a simple and elegant explanation.

Occam's razor?

Psycho Milt

The supernatural provides a simple and elegant explanation for anything and everything, Andrei - that's one of the main things wrong with it.


Apes are descended from liberal athiests.

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