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Spirit Of 76

Oh yeah, The Greens introduce this social engineering bill, Labour will vote them it into law, but don't face any major backlash because it was a Green party bill !


Our whole society has been socially engineered. It is just of question of who and when.

Maybe Helen Clark has seen the light since 2005. The issue is now much better understood. These days would expect Labour to favour the concept anyway.


Peter how many lies will she have to tell before you realize she is a compulsive liar and not to be trusted.No wonder the party she leads is becoming increasingly accepted as the Liabour Party.


It will take more than your rhetoric on a site like this to bother her Baxta!

To call someone a compulsive liar is of slanderous.

But it is typical rhetoric of extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists - who have had a number of severe and very embarrassing disappointments with fallen heroes in the 2000s. Don Brash being the latest of them.

Psycho Milt

I think the word you're looking for is "Politician." Of course Clark doesn't give a rat's ass whether parents hit their kids or not, but right now the Greens are important for staying in govt, so their delusions are indulged. Anyone imagining Mr Key has a greater sense of integrity may be interested in this bridge I have for sale...


Psycho u should realise what has been pointed out before. That is that NZ First Party is also providing full support from all of its members. They don't have to. Neither do the Maori Party.

Maori Party is having a lot of fun. They encourage National and then drop them in it.

Politics is growing up in New Zealand. This legislation is like civil unions and smoking control - noisy to get through but once established part of our way of life. U need to get used to change in a rapidly changing world.

Psycho Milt

I'm willing to bet I was promoting social change while you were still in nappies, Carol. Any parties other than Labour obliging their members to vote in favour? Why would that be then?


Growing up? Is this how grown ups representing Kiwi's should behave? Learning to use a situation to further personal ambitions at the cost of others. Is this the model we want children to follow, just learn to be sneaky and opportunistic, in which case outlawing smacking makes perfect sense.

Andrew Davies

Just remember Peter, there is an extreme right wing Christian fundamentalist evil frothing child beating nutjob under every bed.
It seems to really do your head in. It must be hard being a bigot.

Shane Ponting

Without actually hanging the sign on her, I believe has Hx has lied to us *again*.

And again, I'm more annoyed at the people who continue to give her their support. We will always have people like her, but it's within our smarts not to make them Prime Minister I would think....

Henry Cassin

I am a christian and very proud of it. I was raised in a family where I was one of 17 children. I would find it very hard for anyone to have a functional family of this size without strong guidelines that at occasions require smacking. I accept most times I deserved the punishment I got. Unfortunately if my lovable parents had to resort to timeout we wouldnt have had enough corners or naughty chairs in the home. My siblings have all grown up and not one is violent. You would think even being smacked occasionally with a willow branch by the so call experts like Dman there must be some social damage within my family. I invite anyone to interveiw my wonderful mother whom now is 80 years old and enjoys the love of all her children and boast of 55 grandchildren on what her opinion is on this mater. Beleive me no mater what so called experts think with there idealistic well meaning (at best) opinions are no one I know can be more of an expert than my mother. I boast now with 4 wonderful children with one in her teen age years and with the knowledge and experinence from my parents I am proud to admit my children receive excellent reports from their school teachers as well mannered and caring children. Both my wife & I have used physical discipline and even if this law passed we will continue to use the best and proven methods handed down from my loveable and caring parents. So to Helen Clark and her intrusive colleagues when I do get accused for assault for the smack would that give me a criminal record and prevent me from traveling overseas to such countries as America?

John Boy

What a load of bollocks. The whole thing is ludicrous. Sue Bradford is now revealed as what she really is - a dumbass shallow thinker (on a good day) that should be back on the benefit - oops, she still is, just a bigger one. I suspect she will go down in history as a loser. Remind me who voted for her? No-one? Bugger me, don't you just love democracy?

I just love Peter's continual swooning at the feet of Helen. Doing that to someone who would stab you in the back in a second is so laughable I almost feel sorry for you - only almost though. Being gay doesn't mean you have to give up your balls.

I'm sick of the endorsements for someone I know is completely untrustworthy. I just can't bring myself to respect some one with no integrity no matter what short term goodies they may sprinkle about me.


To the whole lot of you!

Either take a cold shower or..

To restore some balance, look at this

This article is not at all inconsistent with an interview I heard with the Commissioner of Police

The "anti-smacking" label itself is just the usual fundamentalist alarmism.

We've heard it all before.

Andrew Davies

So Peter, why do you consider it ok to smack to "control" (now there's a nasty word) a childs behaviour, which this bill seems to allow in a very vague way, but not to correct that behaviour?
Please explain to us what is a good smack and what is a bad smack.

Every sensible parent knows that if you correct (and there are many ways to do that) then you have to do a lot less controlling.



You are clearly not following this issue closely enough.

It is the "reasonable force" aspect applying to children that has proved a loophole in cases of serious child assault.

Ultra-right conservative nitpickers always say progressive legislation will fail.

The broad base of support from multiple parties for this legislation is exciting because it shows that the homework has been thorough.

As usual, the extreme right has mobilised an uninformed public against the measures. But once the law change has been achieved they will find some other way to undermine the government and its MANY allies in parliament.

Sue Bradford is in the process of becoming a legend. Those that heard her in Parliament this week would realise that here we have an outstanding MP.

John Boy

I agree Peter - if MP means Monumental Pratt.

I've ordered the Airhead book that featured on Campbell Live yesterday. I wonder if she will be in it?


For Sue Bradford's bill to pass you will need over 60 votes! ALL parties will be contributing votes with exception of ACT.

The old right wing trick of placing blame on certain scapegoats is unimpressive.

PS They were not discussing some book about Eve and apples on Campbell Live were they?

Why not blame good National MPs like Dr Paul Hutcheson for the law change. He is a medical doctor that has always stood for positive health initiatives in NZ. You could even question what he is doing in the National Party if you got angry enough with him too!!

John Boy

Yes Peter, all parties will contribute but it appears only Labour will "contribute" as a block because Helen tells them too. She is like the Borg controlling the collective. I have no doubt that some Labour MP's are not in favour of this change but democracy must take its course - somewhere else.

Hide at least asked some constituents what they wanted.

I don't know what you see as a positive health initiative but I like my alternative medecine and that choice is going to be hamstrung by politicians as well on the grounds of safety despite no significant risk being apparent.

Modern pollies pretty much suck irrespective of leaning. Bring back Alfred Saunders.


I thougt that the Labour MPs vote about whether to go consceince. There would be trouble if Clark just said.


Is peter the professor chap who kisses men Peter Davis of AK University

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