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In general, women shouldn't be in combat zones if it's not absolutely necessary. Especially mothers. That some countries do that shows the disregard they have for mothers.


gee andrei, I love the way you keep taking cheap shots.

Was it the UN who put her in harm's way?

Was it the UN that meekly allowed her to be captured while the Royal Navy sat on its arse?

Was it the UN whoi captured her and is nowing using her as a pawn in a useless game?

How about actually apportioning the blame to the truly guilty? Or is it against your ethics to blame the balmeworthy?

Wallace Sonky

In general, men shouldn't be in combat zones if it's not absolutely necessary. Especially fathers. That some countries do that shows the disregard they have for fathers.


Was it the UN who put her in harm's way?

Sorry to break it to you Fugley old boy but the operation she was involved in was a British Navy operation under UN MANDATE and were operating there under the auspices of the UN Security Council.

The Prime Minister (Mr. Tony Blair): I am sure that it is the position of everyone in this House that our thoughts are with our servicemen and the servicewoman and their families. Their safe return is our paramount concern.

However, let me be very clear as to what has happened here. These personnel were patrolling in Iraqi waters under a United Nations mandate. Their boarding and checking of the Indian merchant vessel was routine. There was no justification whatever, therefore, for their detention; it was completely unacceptable, wrong and illegal. We had hoped to see their immediate release. This has not happened. It is now time to ratchet up the diplomatic and international pressure in order to make sure that the Iranian Government understand their total isolation on this issue.

It is United Nations Security Council Resolution 1723 by the way


Ah yes, Wallace Shonky. You bring to mind that quote from the most recent Arthur movie where Guinevere says to Lancelot - Don't worry, I won't let them rape you, as she gets her bow ready to take on the enemy.

If there ever is a war, you can stand far away from me. Can't stand wussy, nancy boys.

Psycho Milt

So, it's important that mothers aren't away from their children, but we don't give a rat's ass about fathers being away from their children? If the kids only need a mother, why are you guys so down on all these DPB families?


Psycho, children need both. When it comes to war, it's best unattached males go. After that it's best that the attached males (fathers) go. Men are stronger and more suited to combat than women. Having women in a combat unit means that the men end up protecting the women rather than effectively fighting.

Most people survive wars, therefore afterwards get to go back to their families.

DPB parents choose to have children without that family structure - there's no going back to a 2 parent family when the dpb experiment is over. Instead it tends to be an endless steam of boyfriends.

Love the attempt at a connection there!


Don't you love the stupidity of the god is love brigade?

Don't you love the certainty of dweebs like lucy that EVERY LAST woman on a DPB chose to have children without a family structure.

But then again, she follows a faith that's big on guilt and blame. Shame their preaching about love is just that, preaching. And great that secularists like me are around to ensure the continuation of the DPB to give those kids a fighting chance.

Guess lucy'd be hapopier if they were ripped from their mother's arms and sent somewhere so the priests could tuck them in every night and demonstrate first hand how god's love works in an institution.


Yeah fug'y. Every last priest is a pedophile. Your generalizations are far worse than the comment by Lucyna, who was just talking about trends.

And it's not just secularists and socialists that are big on charity. It's just that most of those types like using other people's money to provide charity. (And I'm only making sweeping statements since that's the only way you appear to think.)

Chill man.


This is worth reading

What the hell happened to "name, rank and serial number"?

The West is at war and wants to pretend otherwise. Our enemies have got our measure.

Trying to change the subject, Fugley and insulting the intelligence of other commenters will not make it go away.


The capture of British soldiers in Iranian waters was a simple tit for tat execise...The US captured Iranian diplomats in Iraq who there on legitimate diplomatic reasons.

They the Iranian knew not to capture US military on a tit for tat as US have the attitude of shoot first and ask questions second. Then if the captures were killed US would have used this as the justification it is desperately looking for to declare war on Iran.

It the US would have likely used nuclear arms against Iran in order to get the effect it wanted.

As US is now too stretched for military support with the soldiers etc they have left now as most of their army etc are in Iraq.

They the Iranians captured GB sailors as they knew the Brits are more civilized in negotiation and hopefully all going well a trade off will occur with all captured Iranians and British sailors been returned unharmed.

Psycho Milt

Oddly enough, I completely agree with Old Jack Tar in Andrei's linked post above. Faye Turney's either been tortured horribly, or simply has no respect for her profession and should look for a civilian job when she gets home. It seems somewhat churlish to hope she's been subjected to torture, but frankly I'd prefer that to the concept that British military personnel will happily assist the enemy's propaganda efforts.

Lucyna: sailors don't require any great combat skills. Like much of the modern military, they mainly need to be skilled and disciplined operators of specialised equipment. Women are as good at this as men are.

Wallace Sonky

I love your carefully crafted argument Lucyna. 1. Mispell my name. 2. Use a quote from a film unrelated to the discussion. 3. Try to insult me with homophobic insults.
Nice of you to put me in the firing line because "it's best." Might be best for you but its not best for me.


Any of you served in a mixed crew warship?

I have.

That probably excludes me from having an opinion according to some of you.


Wallace, I apologise for mispelling your name. I do try to get those right, but if I know the person, I'll abbreviate. But I had to laugh at your response. If that's the best you can do, then my opinion stands.

PS. You ought to see how often people misspell my name.

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