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The Shrub

Nice to find out that the "Australian Media" is outraged. Could have fooled me Ian. I'm surrounded by it and the 1st I find out about this travesty is on your blog......mind you I wouldn't admit to reading the tele either. How low rent can you get.


Does the Herald Sun count?,21985,21496038-662,00.html

Keep up with the play, Shrubster


For what its worth, here are the top 50 cities

The Shrub

Even more low rent than the Tele Ian.

The Shrub

It is an interesting list though. One could almost be forgiven for thinking boring was one of the qualities they were looking for. Ranking Munich and Frankfurt ahead of Berlin means I must be seriously out of wack when it comes to quality of life issues. But then again I live in Sydney and can't think of a single reason to move back to Auckland.

John Boy

Having read "The triumph of the air heads" as soon as I saw the word "consultant" on the same page as the list I turned off.

Measure happy people as a basis and I bet the list changes. The list is a woftam.

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