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I know of several other homicidal manics that have recieved large amounts of cash for hurt feelings from the Human Rights Review Tribunal . In fact , it helps them establish a position of authority in prison as money talks in the lock up ! I am ashamed to be called a New Zealander as this is disgusting!!How many mornings must I read headlines like "Compo to killer of teenager ." ?? What a sick , sick cess-pit nation !@!

John Boy

At least he went back inside.

The first bit is the price of freedom, yucky it may be, and the second is the price of Fairfax being wrong, cheap or both. Its all about money nowadays so why any one is surprised that Fairfax would do a deal to avoid legal costs is lost on me.

Its the real world - just not as I would like it.


Robyn NICHOLAS then is one player who shows the level of her integrity by justifying this inhuman process. I wonder who the lowlife legal aid vultures were. Its not so long ago that all civil rights were forfeited when sentenced to prison. Its the only sensible policy and it should be reverted to.


Civil rights are forfeited by imprisonment, but not legal rights.

If a murder is committed in prison, should the killer go unpunished?


What about the specific case above Fugley? Getting all theoretical sounds like you tacitly approve of the way some very evil people exploit the system.

Are you just shrugging your shoulders and saying "win some, lose some"?


No, I am saying, unequivocally, that the law should apply to everyone. The fact a peson is in prison does not mean a crime, or in this case, a tort, cannot be committed against them.

He is in jail as punishment for the crime he committed. If, in serving his sentence, a crime is committed against him then he should be entitled to the protection of the law in that case.

And keep in mind, not every prisoner is in jail for murder or rape; some have committed far less serious offences.


Ah, so you are getting theoretical and tacitly approving of his action to exploit the law for his own ends.

(Really - someone who feels defamed for being accused of rape of someone he killed in a most horrific way? Please, try to defend this from something other than a point of law.)

The challenge is to how to pass a fair law that stops such blatant exploitation.

Here's an idea - any earnings made by such prisoners during the time they are serving in jail gives the State the ability to claim "expenses" against keeping him imprisoned, and the money is gathered as crown revenue or perhaps diverted to the victims.

Thus, if he really cares, he gets the pleasure of a "moral victory" and the victims of his crimes actually get something back.

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