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Careful Ian - just as many people are prepared to perjure themselves to make this problem go away. I think we need stronger denials than a Benson-Pope quality "I refute this" statement.

Barnsley Bill

dbp did not even do that with the bdsm claims. he simply said in an offhand manner "when would I have time".
That satisfied the main stream media completely. Unfortunately i think they are too far up everyone now for the new crop of claims to go any further than the last lot.

Shane Ponting

And so we simply need to make Investigate more "mainstream" (as in more readers) to push them off the cliff.

Wheres my "Buy Investigate" jacket Ian? ;) :)

John Boy

Shoot you out of the water Ian? I bet there's a few political people out there that would like to do just that. Boom! End of problem.


well ian keep on their trail. just watch your own back..i never ever believed bain killed his family .so much for our one eyed police and our own court of appeal .if it had;nt been for joe karram he wouldn't have had a chance .


King Kong & co are mounting a counterattack via their mainstream media dogs.

If there wasn't any truth to Ian's allegations the law of defamation would have been jumped on in an instant by his critics.

And yet,King Kong seeks to launch an attack under parliamentary privilege?

methinks i smell a rat!

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