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I am simply shell shocked after reading that statement from that poor lady !!

She is dead right about police can arrange to get you killed in prison . Been in that situation !!

Shout Above The Noise

Off topic but, Andrei, I read the comments thread on DPF's Incest post .. most of it is by Uber-libitarians and social-liberals trying to exercise their ideological purity.

I mean if Ben Wilson or Liberty Scott discovered that their own fathers were porking their siblings would they be so relaxed and sophisticated about incest ?

I despair, I really do; has the world run mad!!??

Shout Above The Noise

Sorry, "libertarians" - lame fingers !


This testimony looks really incredible. A woman in gaol for murder she did not do, claiming history of non-consensual sex over such a period. Was she a sex worker, or was that another woman in this mix-up.

So where are these various males named in the documents these days?


Peter you are total repugnant person and a disgrace to the name Peter . Your cynicism is sickening !!

Is your real name Heather Simpson or Kay Goodger ??



I have never seen you add one speck of intelligence to any thread!

What is cynical about my posting?

I've heard Peter Gibbons interviewed on Radio NZ and I think that he has wrapped up the case for us all. Only a matter of time until further police come forward, one would hope.

But this is where track record is so crucial. On the one hand we have Wayne Idour, Investigate Magazine, and this Cornwool woman. On the other we have Peter Gibbons, Minister of Police, and Prime Minister.

No contest, and the news is all bad for extreme right-wing Christian fundamentalists.

It is particularly bad for Exclusive Brethren. For them there are side implications.




the lady in question "joyce conwell"is my wifes aunty I know that some of these events did occur.As I have met her several times I would not say I know her personally because of the life she lead and did not seem to have a great deal to do with the rest of the family.
I do know that she tried to source the different amounts of money described.
And yes she was a sex worker.
she also knew laniet bain. there is so much more that I am not willing to say as I do not want to implicate myself in anyway. I do beleive that certain people that worked on the bain case
knew Laniet and knew she was a sex worker.And where were the head of investigations for 2-3 hours on the morning of the murder?bet joyce could tell you.covering there tracks.with what i know now most of the things she said i beleive what she has stated to be true


I am shocked. I mean declarations of innocence, of being set-up by the Police and being unfairly treated by the justice system must be a incredibly rare among convicts. I mean what advantage would a convicted person have in claiming their innocence - if it wasn't true?! Get real! There are literally thousands of innocent victims of the judicial system - if you were to believe their protestations. On the other hand, you might point out that while a confession is an important piece of evidence - it's not usually the only piece of evidence used to convict someone. There must also be corroborating evidence - or at least a fairly convincing back story. Policing would be pretty easy if the only requirement was to obtain a confession from a desperate crim. Unfortunately, the justice system is a little more sophisticated than that.

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