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And your sins WILL find you out


Ian you the man.Just one question though did the pig consent or was it raped.Ian keep up the good work.


Good one Ian W.

And for all those individuals out there running around like headless chickens calling for tougher actions against the gangs and unworld criminals. You'll never clean them up unless you clean up the crap in the top echelons of police, judiciary, politics, Govt and big business, because certain individuals and Govt depts have contracts with the gangs and criminal underworld to either do their dirty work for them or for profit!


Bought the magazine this afternoon - good work!

Shane Ponting

Hopefully my copy will be in the mail tomorrow. I have no idea when my sub runs out....


Ian, I take my hat off to you sir, well done to the Investigate Magazine team, as this could be the final countdown for another liarbour party shrill puppet. Mr Broad must step down tomorrow, because police integrity is already in the gutter and no amount of rhetoric can explain this lewd behaviour as acceptable from a commissioner.

Paul Marsden

D4J. I wouldn't be surprised if it was by 11pm tonight.

Oswald Bastable

Light the blue touch paper and stand well clear!


Paul if you see the resignation of Howard Broad by 11pm tonight this press release from the Police is going to look very silly

Commissioner Responds to Allegations

And in the scheme of things, revolting as this movie incident may be, it is not the central feature of these allegations which will still have to be addressed.

Is it possible thatt there may be an attempt to keep the focus on this part of the story to keep the other stuff in the background?


Points 5 & 6 - no wonder the police will not prosecute Clark or Labour, they know too much.

Was the Bazeley report just a white wash - show some of the dirty deeds to command the attention of the public and the rest can be swept under the carpet?

Grant Philpott

In November 1978 I was nearly killed in a collision with a police dog van that was driven through a red light in Christchurch.
I was carted off to hospital soon after the collision. While lying in shock on a table at the hospital, waiting to be x-rayed for a suspected broken neck, the boss( a sargeant) of the policeman that caused the collision came in and tried to get me to admit to commiting traffic offences. Realising he was trying to entrap me, I told him to f_ _k off.
At the time I was a Customs Officer. The Police at the Airport where I worked were told not to speak to me. I later found out from a Customs dog handler that the policeman that caused the collision(Constable Stock) had an apalling record of motor vehicle crashes.
The Ministry of Transport refused to do anything about it because it involved the police.
Somebody got to my lawyer and he never took the police to court within the one year statute of limitation.
Thus my introduction to New Zealand's injustice system.


In the 70s the MOT had a policy not to employ honest traffic officers. That was from the horses mouth of one of senior MOT officers in Auckland during the period.

Psycho Milt

I well remember the first porn video I saw, must have been 1983. No animals involved - although, if there had been, I and the rest of the drunken buffoons present probably would have watched anyway. Not at my house either - VCRs were luxury items back then. I'm fairly sure though, that I could reveal this admittedly unflattering fact to my current employers without risking dismissal, and without anybody suggesting it might render me unfit to condemn rapists for their crimes.

Shout Above The Noise

The Howard Broad 'down on the farm' revelation is a side issue. Much worse are the actions of Det Sgt Milton Weir for example - it seems he acted like a legalized mafia don.


At least the Mafia don't use the sexual baton on fellow mobsters .They just use the lead pill theory .Whether they watch animal farm porno crap is doubtful, but the cops do , great stuff for integrity levels !!

These blue pig thugs should be thrown in jail - and big tuff blue uniform rapist pigs' are scum , worthy of the stinking offal pit !!


What about

10. That police have maintained files on key politicians and public figures capable of being used to blackmail the government, judges, lobby groups and even police association members into supporting the status quo

That's J. Edgar Hoover territory.


How can 'current' coalition MP Matt Robson be complicit? (6).


are you kidding? i can't believe you have to dig up a 25 year old indescretion to make news, or even to make a point about police culture.

Barnsley Bill

Karen read the whole story


Karen, you just have to read it- it's shocking to say the least. You'll come away shaking your head at the dishonesty and downright corruption.

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