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Shout Above The Noise

Lament alert...

Can anyone believe some of the comments from liberals over at DPF ? The latest line seems to be that butt raping an animal is less of a sin than eating animal flesh as part of ones diet.

Is this how far we've descended ? - fools who are prepared to well, almost legitimise bestiality ? Is necrophilia next ? Sorry "posthumous love"

Barnsley Bill

posthumous love! briliant.
There is no knot the left cannot tie themselves into to weasel out of any and all problems. Of course Ian, you have given them a get out of jail free card AGAIN by allowing debate to centre around another fat bent cop. It is the govt cover ups that you need to steer debate too.


Why are you surprised Shout?

Didn't you see that incest post a week or so ago? And the comments it attracted.

In any case it derails the conversation from the very real issues at hand, the point being made in this post.


Actually Shout, I think a lot of the comments on Farrar from about 8.44 p.m. on are Labour trolls trying to disrupt the thread. Its gone completely puerile, which will turn the casual reader off (and people are coming to blogs since the MSM is not interested).

Psycho Milt

I see from that DPF thread that Ben Wilson had the same thought that struck me when reading the allegations summary: how odd that the Police are only corrupt when Labour's in power.

Turning an investigation of Police corruption into a blatant party political propaganda exercise only invites people to ignore the investigation's results. Just a thought for future investigations...


So Mr puffy blob Howard Broad is not prepared to be put to the sword, so bestiality porno is now acceptable and on the menu at all cop shops. This puts a new perspective on things for me as a victim of sinister police corruption (RIP mum). The corruption is bad when you have a gun fired at you and then you ring police and the dickwack on the other end tells you to go f..k yourself and go back to Disneyland . What about false arrest on Christmas day – locked up –let out – dam computer glitch. These bastards are pure filth and disgusting sordid animals but what would you expect under the corrupt regime of the despot mongrel puss ridden whore Klark.
Great now the meathead dor brain cops can play copulating and baton the kentucky fried chicken while watching porn videos titled deep fried throat, and the last tegal in paris. Police integrity is laughable and anybody is totally disillusioned if they think that the public will view this matter as trivial. To Mr Broad – you are a perverted scumbag dog who needs a good thrashing!!To Sandra M , our next pig commissioner , hope Peter D is not going to the toilet in Hagely today !!
What a cess -pit of lies this country has become !!

Psycho Milt

Ian, D4J represents exactly the constituency you're going to get with this kind of propaganda - does it feel good?


psycho milt - so the commissioners sordid behaviour is acceptable from your perspective ?


I watched the news on TV last night after reading the magazine during the day and my thought was, "that's all? That's all the MSM is commenting on?" The bestiality video (as Ian has said above) is as nothing compared to other allegations; however, the public will now think that's all there is to the story.

I wish the MSM would have the guts to do some real reporting. I mean, the Bain case is relevant here as well.

Psycho Milt

Dad4justice: the commissioner's preference in porn videos is none of my business, as long as he keeps it to himself - which he was doing until Ian came along. Now review your own sordid ravings in the comment immediately above mine, sordid ravings that you did not keep to yourself, but saw fit to put in a public forum to disgust your fellow citizens. You've succeeded in making Broad look dignified by comparison, and any non-partisan reader turning up on this thread is going to see that garbage and think "Yawn - just another Labour hate-fest."

Fletch: my comment at 7.03am suggests why the MSM aren't jumping on the bandwagon...


Actually Milt the video incident which is getting all the attention occurred in 1981 when National was in power and had been for some time.


Call me old fashioned psycho milt, however these latest allegations about a sordid police culture , straight ontop of rapist pigs saga, Bain, Haig tragedies Liam Ashley , 111 calls and taxis etc…etc…the list is endless matey !! It is obvious even to the silly socialist sympathiser like yourself that something is seriously wrong, but they seem trivial compared to the negligence of our liarbour politicians. To know about these historical activities from a top cop cannot be ever be successfully argued as being in the best interests of kiwi society. As a constituent I am appalled that ministers of the crown said “ she’ll be right mate”, did they not think that this would come back to bite them hard? How long can the unscrupulous liarbour party defend the indefensible over genuine grievances the public has - with issues such as political accountability and police integrity?

Psycho Milt

Indeed Andrei, the events we're talking about (which are par for the course for police forces in most Western countries) took place under both National and Labour govts - so it would have been a good idea to take a non-partisan approach.


Wipe your chin milt you're dribbling crap.

Do you have ANY evidence that National party MP's participated in the deliberate concealment of amoral and corrupt activities?

John Boy

Joe Karam was interesting on the radio this morning. It sounded to me like he was marching to a similar tune.

Kelvyn Alp

There is still plenty of other information yet to come to light that indicates corruption by MP's from BOTH sides of the political spectrum. Only a full independent Royal Commission of Enquiry will see the full extent of corruption, as the truth is revealed.

It may be hard for many to have their 'rose-tinted' view of the main political parties shattered, but if we are ever to see solutions applied and problems solved, we must go where others fear to tread.


Yes,Joe Karam described on morning report how a police women from Dunedin was raped and sodomised by someone in the CIB down there in the early ninties.

This women confided to Karam the helplessness of fighting the Police and I think moved to Australia.


What a sad little country. Full of sex obsessed religious nutjobs and foul mouthed angry twerps like Murray.


Getalife - don't forget me, please, as I enjoy regard for the law, but also, I have a distinct advantage of not being bound to give effect to strict legal rights or obiligations , or to technicalities . That means I war without fear !!


Hey getalife - do you know the story about Inspecter Doyle got a job in China ? Talk about vile and sick behaviour , still plenty to come yet silly person .

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