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Psycho Milt

Aren't you even slightly ashamed to be putting your name to this back-biting gossip-fest and trying to call it news?


I am glad Tom Lewis has spoken up about the dirty rotten corrupt piggy wiggy's, who tell lots of porkies !!
It was terrible what the filth bully boy spineless pigs did to his son and daughter !!

Colin M

Back biting gossip fest huh. Sorry, as much as I dislike this kind of stuff, Ms Clark started it by refusing to acknowledge the corruption allegations and personally attacking Ian and his sources. Remember the Brash furor? This seems to be how the labour party (and their lackies, eh sonic) operates, ignore the substance of the message and attack the messenger.


Two things a cop doesnt like. Crims and ex cops in no particular order. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Personal experience of the goings on in Dunedin and other places in the south are just reminders of my time in the job and the attitudes even prior to the 1980s

Psycho Milt

"This seems to be how the labour party (and their lackies, eh sonic) operates, ignore the substance of the message and attack the messenger."
And based on the media release above, the right's answer is to dive straight into the distraction, instead of concentrating on the important stuff? Excellent plan, that'll really work...


Psycho - my thoughts precisely.


Milt, Gooner...this is what is called point by point rebuttal of Beehive spin.

Like it or lump it, this is where the battlefield set by Clark and Co is, so this is where I'm going to have to meet them.

They have put Broad's and Gibbons' integrity in play, and I have no choice but to expose these men.

It isn't gossip, nor is it backbiting, and there is more to come.

I'm in this to get a Commission of Inquiry on behalf of those whose voices can't be heard because of the corruption exemplified by yesterday's parliamentary attack...

I could prattle on about the wider issue, and indeed I do and have...but I'm not going to be outflanked on the minor one either, because in itself it has enough powder to blow the Commissioner off his perch and some of his cronies with him.

NHQ probably failed to appreciate how much the rank and file think they are hypocrites.

Did you know that one of the senior boffins at PNHQ is nicknamed "Chookfeeder"?



Yes Colin M we all remember the Don Brash furore. We remember who was promoting and defending Don Brash. We remember which investigative magazine failed to highlight the matters that were so brilliantly exposed by "The Hollow Men".

We also remember how Don Brash, screaming and kicking, resigned from Leader of the Opposition, and then from Parliament, all within a couple of weeks.

It is nonsense to blame the Government for the current discussions about a bestiality movie 26 years ago. It was Investigate Magazine that put the story out, and it is the same party that is desperately trying to sustain media and public interest.

Tapu Misa in her column yesterday put this all into perspective.

John Robinson has put Wayne Idour's credibility into further doubt.

I don't see any Royal Commission of Inquiry any time soon.


Spen $7.99 and bought your magazine yesterday Ian. I must say I was struck by how much of your material was sourced from Tom Lewis, you sure about his credibilty?

John Boy

I'm grateful Ian is hanging on to this.

I would rather he'd laugthed of Helen's stupid comments on radio or turned a death ear but that's done and can be dropped if he wants.

There must be some very nervous policemen out there about now. At last they know some one is watching the watchers. About time too. Not so funny after all is it boys?


It amazes me that this comes as such a surprise to the public. Or infact I don't think in a lot of cases it does just certains sectors of the media protray it aas some great surprise. The Police are corrupt, the Customs service is Corruppt CYF's is at best incompetent anlong with the prison service, need I go on. It is about time that this was bought into the public arena and some truth was told. I know from personal experience these swines are bent and it is not just the ones in the cities you have mentioned this is far more widespread than it has been reported to this point.



Investigate will be grateful for your sweeping statements like

"The police are corrupt"
"Customs are corrupt"

Remember Don Brash's claims:

"The government is corrupt"

Where is Don Brash now?

Of course extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists are perfect. Reading about Jerry Falwell in today's NZH I had my doubts. Did he really support separtism in USA and apartheid in South Africa?

A truer statement is this:

Extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists are conservative and greedy. Is that a compliment? a fact? a right?

Andrew Davies

Peter, you are like a stuck record, even more than usual for extreme left wing atheist fundamentalists.


Peter, I read Tapu Misa's column yesterday, too. Again, she's only commenting on the Broad video allegations which is the story that the mainstream media has picked up and run with. She obviously hasn't even read the whole Investigate article. I emailed her as much yesterday.


"Howard Broad is a drunkard. He has an alcohol problem..."

And how does the saying go? least he'll be sober in the morning, but Ian, sorry to say, will still be a deluded, paranoid psycho.

Linda A


Just because Don Brash has gone does not mean he was wrong. yes perhaps Ians comments appear outlandish but unfortunately they may well be th reality. If it is the reality which it appears are we not all deluding ourselves byshooting the messenger and not lokking into his claims


Oh and I forgot to mention your reference to right wing fundamentalists was obviously not directed at me I wont go into my views on religion certainly aren't right wing or christian (muslim or any other). This is not a secular or religous issue, It has nothing to do with the bretheren or any other group. This is a bout high level corruption across a broad spectrum of government Authorities and granted not just this government, the last one and probably several before it. This is not so much a political issue simply an issue of justice or lack of it. How can anyone have confidence in the system when the system is so self governed and mismanaged that it does not have the ability to find criminals in its own organisation but professes to be able to recognise them in the public arena.


Peter's tactics, along with his fellow travellers in the media, echo those of Goebbels.

The Jooooos are Eeevill!!!
The Jooooos are Eeevill!!!
The Jooooos are Eeevill!!!
Extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists!!!
Extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists!!!
Extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists!!!
ad infinitum until it enters peoples subconscious. Then you no longer have to listen to arguments from your opponents, as they are no longer human.

Peter, you are a sorry excuse for a liberal


Add to that:

David Bain is innocent!
David Bain is innocent!
David Bain is innocent!


Jerry Falwell ... Extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists are conservative and greedy. Is that a compliment? a fact? a right?

Rev Falwell, with all his faults, (more imagined than real I believe) wasn't without some insight.

From the Washington Post:~
"(Gerry Falwell) came to understand that if people of faith were not engaged in the
larger culture, eventually the culture would move in a direction so hostile
to its values it would be difficult to live in that culture," said Ralph
Reed Jr., former executive director of the Christian Coalition. "If the
culture becomes polluted, then ultimately the church and the faith community

Falwell also built Christian elementary schools, the Elam Home for alcohol
and drug-dependent men and the Liberty Godparent Home for unwed mothers."

Not just a blow-hard. What have you done to help others less fortunate Peter? Kind of inspiring isn't it?

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