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Oops, sorry about the typo on "Nicholas"


PB...I appreciate the tenor of your let me try and explain.

Yes, there is other corroborating evidence for some of these events in the article, and of course bucketloads more that has poured in since about other things as recently as last year.

In talking to many of these people, I explained (and often they explained to me) that the ONLY way there would be a fair and honest hearing would be an RCoI.

Cops have told me, for instance, that it is quite common in internal complaints, and even PCA investigations, for either the same officer complained about or a close friend to be assigned the role of "investigating" the complaint. Even to this day.

My sources are not stupid. They don't intend to hang themselves out to dry for a Quioxtic windmill tilt. They want a proper, honest investigation.

I know many MPs quite well, including some of the bulldogs who could specialise in this sort of thing. But, and it is a significant 'but', I have been a parliamentary "Sir Humphrey" spin doctor. I know what I'm up against.

The Government is no more going to listen to an MP than they are me, and any member of the House can veto the tabling of a document (I lived through the Winebox, remember).

Then, to add to the likely ineffectiveness of this, I would be accused of playing politics, not journalism, and the proof would be my liaison with whichever MP ran with it.

However, I'll give your advice some consideration. Like you, I tire of the drip feed. There are a couple more bullets to fire in the near future but then I agree a more strategic approach is required.

And to those who asked earlier, yes sometimes I do sail close to the wind, and occasionally I do make a bad call. But I submit myself to the scrutiny of my advisors and the blogosphere, deliberately to keep me in touch with reality.

I'm sorry if sometimes the reason for doing something does not seem clear.

As I said to James Sleep the other day, I would be a raving idiot not to welcome my opponents on this blog, because not everything they say is wrong, and not everything I say is right. But only by testing these things in the crucible of debate can I get a better feel for the correct approach.


I don't agree with suggestion that this case may already be dying, even with news of Samoan president death, our own budget and release of David Bain.

Here is some press from Nelson:

The last sentence is not very kind to Investigate Magazine Ian. Maybe it would be best to move onto other stories now as suggested already.


I just wonder if opposition MPs have skeletons the police have a file on and are anxious for the police to keep the file in a locked cabinet - no pun intended

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