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Good job Ian, keep up the good work and don't let the flack get to you


"One officer who went through training in 1976 says cadets were shown porn movies as part of their training, and also a bestiality movie called Animal Farm."

Surely this video wouldn't even have made it to NZ that early ('70s).

Linda A

Danyl Mclauchlan

We require confirmation from National Headquarters of when the practice of screening porn movies and bestiality movies to police cadets ceased.

If the police comms people had any sense of humour they'd have asked you if you've stopped beating your wife yet.


Ian don't hold your breath regarding getting an answer in 28 days.


Forget it Danyl.

The police have a prerequisite that none of them shall have a sense of humour.


Jane Archibald has put the Investigate article very neatly in context!

This whole witch hunt is already off the radar of credible news channels.

Shame about the Budget Ian!

Start working on something else ready for the July issue Ian. See what else Wayne Idour can come up with. Or find another sex worker prepared to say "I wus raped" - but preferably not one who is doing time for murder or manslaughter etc.

Or what about a man eats dog story. And you must do something about Page 3!!!


Well done Ian, in solidarity.
Peter do you remember the 15th March article in Ch Ch Press " Blog Attack - Canty police accused of corruption ."
Never did find out the name of that website ??? lol - Play with fire and a BURNS will hurt you.

Psycho Milt

Peter: your comments would be marginally less offensive if you knew for a fact the rape allegations were false - but only marginally.


Oh dear me Peter, nearly forget that was 7 days after I contacted dear Ms Goddard of PCA, who was ditched from High Court to front up as token delinquent at the PCA toothless tiger .


dad, what are you doing here? Didn't we have a meeting at Hagley?

psycho, I guess you need to learn the difference between an allegation, a charge and a conviction. Many false allegations are made, why Investigate is full of them. As is this blog.


"Surely this video wouldn't even have made it to NZ that early ('70s)"

Read ypur own link:

"To keep up with the growing demand for video titles, Color Climax had taken to transferring their stocks of 8 mm and 16 mm animal films onto cassette, and it was these films...that comprised the notorious Animal Farm video, hence its generic title (which at no point appears on the screen) and shadowy origins.

The 1970 documentary, A Summer's Day, apparently formed at least some of the content of the Animal Farm bootleg....
Retrieved from ""

Perfectly possible for them to have seen "loops" of film that were later incorporated into the "Animal Farm" video.
The Broad screening also apparently involves a projector and film, not video tape.


I know ALL about false allegations, ask the 36 judges involved in my case .


dad, I asked them.

All 36 agreed, your allegations were false.

Psycho Milt

Fugley, you and Peter may think ridiculing women who claim to have been raped is a laff riot, but most of us don't. The truth or otherwise of the allegations doesn't come into it.


One comment, to sg5 nd Wishart: prove it! Can you prove that 'Animal Farm' was available to NZ police in the '70's? It wasn't, and you cannot.

Linda A

Paul Marsden

aladin. Its nigh impossible to prove. Even a 1000 sworn affadavits saying it was available, dosent 'prove' it was. I went to at least 2 evening screenings of pornagraphy in the 1970's organised by the police but cant specifically remember the movie subsject(s). But of course, I cant 'prove' the showings actually occured either. So whats your point?


Linda A - " Animal Farm" and other porn vids were played at many function's at our rugby club in late 70's and cops ALWAYS supplied the videos..


so dad, what did YOU do about it? watch or lay a complaint?


OK so I accept that a small proportion of police have not always done what they should have done.

Lets not get distracted from the fact that other trusted people in society let us down too.

Take the clergy for instance.

So we smear all society because in every role you can think of, we can find bad in people.

Where can this lead but to anarchy>


My point, Paul Marsden, is that if you throw accusations around, you'd better be able to prove them, pretty logical I would think.
If a policeman says he saw a video that didn't exist, then where is the credibility? I don't believe 'Animal Farm', which is the movie in question, existed in 1976.

Linda A

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