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Well done Ian. If only they had listened to me February 06 to sit down and sort the issues out rather than deny me that right and ignore numerous requests from me, my GP and from MP. They dug themselves deeper into the hole.


This story is the tip of the iceberg. ACC are currently conducting a "secret review" of the activities of their Fraud Unit and the contracted Private Investigation firms Mainland Consultants and Paragon Risk. There is also the issue that Paragon Risk are linked to consultancy firms offering "access" to ACC files.


The SST this morning already has the first denial, with a quote from Annette King implying you've only made this stuff up to get at her for calling you a scumbag.

If they don't manage to sweep this under the already very lumpy carpet, a very sincere and public apology to you ought to be in order.


An din other news, I see a proposed code of conduct ignores sexual practices (and the Police are excluded from said code for good measure).

Spitting and cursing is out, but a gang banging S&M session will apparently not harm the reputation of the public service.


Let us know how the magazine sales go.

Don't forget to write a letter to Annette King, to notify her that you have mentioned her name a few times.

You are again on a road to nowhere. In what way was Wayne Idour, detective for Exclusive Brethrens, defamed?

To give you credit, after so many of your own own goals, I suppose you know one when you see one!

ian're not Annette King by any chance? ;)

The bulk of the detail is inside the magazine which devotes 23 pages to its special investigation this time.

Highlights include the name of a cop who took $1,500 in small denomination notes from a drug dealer at a remote location.

As for Annette King's fantasies, if she thinks I made it up, perhaps she should read the documents containing signatures on search warrants and family trusts.

King has just shot herself in the other foot.


Having read the article in the latest Investigate. Well done Ian W.

My own experiences battling serious corruption and injustice in this country has been. "This is NZ we do things differently here." Or The authorities totally defend the perpetrators of the serious criminal offence. Even when there's fully documented and proven evidence!!

Adolf Fiinkensein

Zen, I failed to find the reference to AnnetteKIng in the SST. Is it in the online version?

Adolf Fiinkensein

So tell me, how does this Police Complaints Authority work? If you bring a complaint against the Dunedin cops, do the Dunedin cops write up a report on Police Complaints Authority letter head?


Your surname wouldn't happen to be Gibbons, would it?



The PCA has a very limited resource, meaning most of its work is actually done by police themselves, often colleagues of those being complained about.

Which is exactly what they did with the Van Essen one. Rubber-stamped their mates.

Overseas, other countries are moving towards external investigators with the power to search and compel testimony.


The difficulty is the sheer volume of complaints. Most Police would far prefer having nothing to do with complaints about their subordinate officers and welcome an independent authority but even the simplest enquiry can take weeks to resolve often to no-ones satisfaction.It would take an independent far longer than a streetwise cop or detective. They would need a staff of hundreds, and still wouldn't prove guilt in more that 10%.


Adolf, I found it on A5 in the article "Wishart's claims go to PCA"


23 pages? How many advertisement pages. I thought the 17 pages last time was too much to say what little was worth saying.

Lord Flash

Nothing gets out North of the Kilmog.
Ian will most likely have a session on corruption ... and it will be in a few months time 'business as usual'.

Paul Marsden

I for one applaud Wishart's work and Im happy to flick him a dollar or two for his magazine so that he can put food on his table and keep true to his cause. He's up against the power of the State which is always going to discredit a minnow like him. It would happen in any country, anywhere. Police 'corruption' is a fact of life anywhere (as it is in any walk of life). It is a matter of degree. I have a family member who has used his previous high public profile and various 'contacts' to pervert the course of justice on at least two occassions I know of, to his personal and family's advantage. One occassion involved the death of a pregnant woman in an incident where a significant amount of 'hush money' was paid to the deceased's family and with the police deliberately falsifying events and evidence when the matter finally went to Court. The other occasion was a commercial matter where the same family member used his police 'contacts' to intimidate (ie. use standover tatics), a legitimate business competitor into signing a a document that was an attempt to incriminate him in a matter (between the two parties), which was before the Courts. In both of these incidents, I should also imagine that members of the legal profession would have also be complicit. So yes, police 'corruption' does happen from time to time and will continue to happen, no matter what. Anybody who believes different, simply lives in cloudcuckooland.


The corruption within the ranks of the New Zealand Police must stop now and I have lots of examples to illustrate my point .Power to sunlight of freedom and sui juris.


Paul Marsden says::

"So yes, police 'corruption' does happen from time to time and will continue to happen, no matter what. Anybody who believes different, simply lives in cloudcuckooland."

So why would the Government want to change Police ministers. Particularly since the incumbent Annette King has been for years such a valuable parliamentarian and cabinet minister??


The only thing is: what's going to happen now? Allegations have been made by Ian in the magazine and I'm thinking the parties won't sue as Ian usually has evidence to back up his allegations. Unless there is a public outcry, the Police and the Govt will do nothing; just like they did with the last story. They will just hope the story goes away. It's a disgrace really and an indictment on our country that we are so lackadaisical.


Peter doesn't Annette I am at the hairdressers again King already live in the utopian cloudcuckooland, as she is a totally incompetent Minister of little intelligence and she must step down today !

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