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Adolf Fiinkensein

I wonder how long it will take for some intrepid journalist to actually ask Mr Bainimarama why the good gentleman was sent packing. So far we've got Baubles Bangles and Beads along with the Bulious Bitch trying as hard as they can to insinuate that it all has something to do with the result of a rugby match. Do they realise how childishly vacuous and peurile they are seen to be?


Expelling diplomats is not the way for neighbours to conduct their relationship," Mr Peters said.

The swift judgments and condemnation from Peters and Clark were not the polite actions of good neighbours either. So really, what did they expect?

If they had just turned up on the doorstep with a Pavlova and a bottle of L&P, I'm sure they could have sat down and had a good chat and got off to a much better start.

They didn't. They were keen to cut the power whilst B. was still pulling the oxygen tank out.

The previous government was corrupt. You'd think Clark would have recognised that.

Psycho Milt

Yes, if only we in NZ could exchange our corrupt govt for that of a dictator who rules by whim and beats or kills any who register disagreement. How much better that would be. Hopefully other countries would recognise our new-found happiness under dictatorship and not encourage us to restore democracy - that just wouldn't be neighbourly.


Milt says: "Yes, if only we in NZ could exchange our corrupt govt for that of a dictator who rules by whim and beats or kills any who register disagreement."
You are right, the Fijians are in a mess. We need to be careful, though, we have lost a whole lot of democracy in our own country, albeit a little more subtly... All the recent governments I can remember National AND Labour have, at times, completely gone against public opinion and ruled perhaps not "by whim" but certainly by the personal philosophy of the 'leaders'.
How short sighted they are when they do this. They have proven that with the right propaganda they can change public opinion to suit their aims so easily, yet sometimes get impatient and arrogant and don'tr even bother to try. As someone posted elsewhere the majority usually swing in behind the new regime eventually any way, like sheep onto the sheep truck :-0


Hey PM, I'm just saying that whilst Peters and Clark bang on about "consequences", they could well consider their own actions.

And irrespective of the current government, the previous one was corrupt. It seems as long as we act as polite neighbours when a government is patently corrupt but nice about it, we can hold our head up high and get all uppity when that corruption is rewarded with an extreme response.

Note that I do not necessarily support the current government by condemning the previous - but I'm not at all surprised at the outcome.

And just because Fiji might be worse than NZ, doesn't mean we should be satisfied with the appalling governance displayed by Labour.

"Better than Mugabe or B." is hardly a winning slogan for the Labour party.


Meanwhile Fairfax sent an intrepid journalist to cover the issue. He was reduced to a state of terror when he was turned back on arrival. Several experienced busnessmen with businesses in Fiji rang Leighton this morning. All stated that they and their staff found things better with corruption abating under Bananarama.


Can anyone tell me exactly what corruption the Colonel set out correct ? Until our Ambassador got the 'order of the boot' I thought the Colonel was doing well.

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