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I don't know who defines hate speech but I am sure you could provide some samples of your own as possible exemplars!

Sam Finnemore

That's going a bit far. I don't think "mad Muslim scientists" would pass the laugh test.


I was going to post on this but a comment here is just as good.

Political Blogger in the firing line in Malaysia



This looks scary. Might be an idea to put on hold any plans to open a branch of "Investigate" in Malaysia!

Or do they have a right wing government over there?

Ryan Sproull

Canada has hate-speech legislation that means they could possibly do this (though I doubt they will), unless the blogger in question was expressing a religious opinion, in which case they can't be shut down.


I thought they were smarter than that in Canada.

Religion is obviously able to be used as a tool of worldly bigotry, but untouchable (and probably untaxable) because of please of affinity with ancient myths and legends!

I had thought it would be better if "Investigate" was split into two parts - religious and secular.

On second thoughts may be smartest to keep the two together!

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